Scenes of riots in several Ikea due to the release of a new collection – videos


Enthusiastic consumers rushed Thursday Thursday, November 7 items of the collection of stylist Virgil Abloh in several Ikea stores around the world, sometimes after waiting in front of their doors for several hours.

The sale of articles signed Virgil Abloh on the morning of Thursday, November 7 was accompanied by riots in several Ikea stores, the collection was particularly expected, tells the story of Actu 17.
According to the media, customers in Belgium, the United States, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom arrived very early to snatch the 14 items for young people and sold at very affordable prices.

Already sold online at prices five times higher

In Belgium, where many customers had even slept in front of the shops, everything was sold in just 15 minutes while each of them was entitled to only ten purchases. Many images of these scenes of hysteria and riots have been broadcast on social networks.

Many items in the collection were sold online, with prices sometimes reaching five times the normal price.

No in-store sales in France

No sales took place in France, where Ikea gave up marketing the Virgil Abloh collection. The articles were only available online, through a draw.

According to Actu 17, the last time Ikea had sold Virgil Abloh's articles, it was in September 2018 in a pop-up shop in Paris. During the sale, a fight was prevented exclusively by the intervention of the police.

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