Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen want helmet revolution


Various Formula 1 drivers around Sebastian Vettel call for a helmet revolution in Formula 1.

Currently, there are clear rules of the FIA, which allows a different helmet design only once per season.

"To make sure that the riders on the track are easily distinguishable, a pilot's helmet must always have the same design for each race of the season, except in a race of the driver's choice," Article 9.1 of the FIA ​​Rules says ,

The rule is no longer up to date, says Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. "We have big numbers on the cars and Halo (Cockpit protection, editor's note) above the cockpit. You could just let us do that. I think it's nice to have a different design every year. Always the same look, it will be boring. "

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Vettel demands "all freedoms"

The same opinion is Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver changes his helmet regularly to smaller contours, the basic design remains untouched.

"It's your helmet, as a rider, you should have all the freedom to do what you want to do, so I think the rule is great bullshit, we have very little leeway, and the helmet is probably the only opportunity," he said Vettel loud Motorsport-Total, If they do not like it then it's not their helmet, my opinion is that we riders should be able to handle what our helmet looks like. "

During his Red Bull time (2009 to 2014) Vettel had often experimented with the colors of his helmet and changed the design extensively. To make it easier for drivers to distinguish, the FIA ​​introduced the rule.

Bottas: helmet something personal

"I've always liked it when Seb used a different design at Red Bull in almost every race, which was cool, you've always wondered, what kind of design will it be this time?" Verstappen said.

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas agrees: "Sometimes it's nice to keep the same design, and of course it also has the charm to make something special every now and then – everyone has a special occasion and it would be nice to be there a few more freedoms, because the helmet is personal, so we should choose, not someone else. "

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Drivers undermine FIA ​​rule

The reason for the discussion was a request from Daniil Kwjat. The Toro Rosso driver had wanted to use a new design at his home race in Sochi, but this had been rejected by the FIA ​​because he had already used his "exception" in Monza.

At least, the FIA ​​announced that it was considering rethinking the Helm Rule. In practice, drivers do not have to fear any consequences if they bypass the rule anyway. As described Vettel changed his helmet design in detail again and again. Verstappen drove a completely different design in Austria as well as in Belgium, but did not ask at the FIA. There was no punishment.

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