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Cienciano vs. Santos FC LIVE | ONLINE LIVE this Sunday November 10 by the date 22 of the League 2, last day of the ascent tournament from the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium in Cusco and with Movistar Deportes transmission. Do not miss this match cataloged as an advanced final between the two teams that have the first chance of achieving promotion.

Cienciano He arrives at this meeting as leader of League 2 after defeating Juan Aurich 4-2 as visitors. And the fact of playing at home this day against Nasca, gives them the first chance to champion.

Ciencianco vs. Santos FC | Hours in the world

Peru 3:00 p.m. | Movistar Sports

Mexico 2:00 p.m. |

Colombia 3:00 p.m. |

Ecuador 3:00 p.m. |

Bolivia 4:00 p.m. |

Venezuela 4:00 p.m. |

Argentina 5:00 p.m. |

Brazil 5:00 p.m. |

Chile 5:00 p.m. |

Paraguay 5:00 p.m. |

Uruguay 5:00 p.m. |

Spain: 9:00 p.m.

For its part, Santos FC arrives motivated for this final day, because in the middle of the week they returned to the top of the League 2 upon receiving the decision of the FPF Justice Commission that returned the lost point to Atletico Grau. Now they go to Cusco with the mission of removing the title from the hands of the reds.

Cienciano, who lost the category in 2015, seeks promotion at home, because he will play a full stadium against Santos FC who arrived several days ago in Cusco to acclimatize.

It will play full stadium

After a long time, Garcilaso de la Vega will wear a full full after the sale of more than 42 thousand tickets that were put up for sale for this comparison.

For this reason, he said they will install three police security cords around the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium. For this match the sale of about 30,000 tickets was arranged.

Cienciano vs. Santos FC: Possible lineups

Cienciano: J. Barbieri; E. Kuncho, J. Cuero, J. Salazar, J. Lojas; Jorge Molina, Deyair Reyes, Romagnoli, Breno Naranjo, H. Valencia and Rudy Palomino.

Santos FC: J. Aliaga; R. Alfani, A. Linan, J. Falconi, J. Quispe; R. Zuniga, M. Mansilla, P. Alva, J. Sotil; K. Barrios and P. Bautista.

Cienciano vs. Santos FC | Here the game will be played

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