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Moderate sounds at the German classic FC Bayern against BVB – but in England they shoot sharply! "For us, the Clasico is still the match against United," said city striker Sergio Aguero the magazine France football, But also Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp remained before the "nine-point game" (kickerSports magazine) do not owe the answer.

"Everyone must bring top performance, even the hot dog salesmen," said Jurgen Klopp (52) in the press conference for the game. The tip of his opponent Pep Guardiola (48), who had subordinated Liverpool striker Sadio Mane mild epilepsy, Klopp answered usual lax: "I prefer not to mention the tactical fouls that Manchester City likes to use." Anyway, it is Fire in this game, which determines the Premier League since 2018 and which was also in the Champions League 2017/2018. At that time, the "Reds" prevailed with 3: 0 and 2: 1 and moved into the semifinals. Last year, Liverpool's 1-1 draw at Manchester City was the only defeat in 38 Premier League games – and ultimately the much-anticipated championship.

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The Klopp Elf is back in his own hands. With a home win, Liverpool could pull away at nine points on 31 points. Manchester City is in second place with 25 points and was already in advantage last Saturday. Six minutes before the end of the game at Aston Villa, the "Reds" were 1-0 down, so that the six-point lead away and thanks to the goal difference in their own victory at Anfield with a better goal difference, the change at the top possible , But Liverpool made a 2-1 win with Andy Robertson (87 ') and Sadio Mane (90' + 4), and they remain the champions. "Many are wondering how to actually beat Liverpool," former Liverpool professional Stephen Warnock writes in a BBC column, "I think Pep Guardiola has an answer: Liverpool is particularly hard on teams that are in a 3- 5-2 formation come along. "

Dietmar Hamann (from left), Kevin Keegan and Georginio Wijnaldum, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson have all experienced magical games with Liverpool FC.


The Reds have been unbeaten in eleven Premier League home games, and have also lost to the KRC Genk (2-1) on Wednesday in the Champions League. "It's definitely an advantage for Liverpool to play at home," Warnock believes, "Anfield will play his part in this match. Not only do I mean the extraordinary atmosphere against FC Barcelona when they made a 0-3 draw in the Champions League semi-finals, but they also show a completely different mentality in front of a home crowd. "

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The pay TV station Sky On Sunday, the match between Liverpool and Manchester City will be broadcast live and exclusively on German television from 5.30 pm on Sunday. Since the season 2019/2020, the station holds the exclusive rights again. The transfer is running Sky Sports 1 and HD, Reporter is Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld. As an expert: Mladen Petric.

Yes. Who as Sky-Customer has no TV available, the game can over Sky go watch in livestream. This can be done on a PC, smartphone and tablet. Sky has developed an app that can be downloaded for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Of course, the internet offers alternatives if you do not want to pay for the live stream for the Premier League match Liverpool vs Manchester City. However, you have to adjust to a poorer picture and sound quality, foreign commentators and annoying pop-ups. In addition, one moves in a legal gray area, because the legality of such streams is controversial.

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