Seehofer orders stricter border controls – Steiner Ammann fears damage for industry – Fricktal – Aargau


After the illegal re-entry of a deported clan member, the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has ordered stricter controls in the interior. Since Thursday evening, these are randomly conducted, confirms Daniel Rosin, press officer of the Federal Police Stuttgart. "This can also lead to longer waiting times at the border crossing."

So also at the three Fricktaler border crossings in Stein, Laufenburg and Rheinfelden. "Currently no direct influence" has the German border regime on the control activity of the Swiss border guards, says David Marquis, spokesman for the Federal Customs Administration.

With Beat Kaser, community team man of Stein, meet the sharper border controls on displeasure. Even without them, sometimes the metal columns collapsed in the rush hour traffic because of the many commuters from the Sisslerfeld and because of the shopping tourism through the village.

If the problem of back pressure intensified as a result of strict controls, this would be detrimental to the Steiner economy. "I think of craftsmen who have to fix a water pipe break and do not come from the spot. Or the restaurants, which are difficult to get to, »says Kaser. In addition, against the background of a partnership with the neighboring community Bad Sackingen controls aroused a feeling of strangeness.

Herbert Weiss, Stadtammann von Laufenburg, says that he can understand the implementation of tighter controls at the border, as long as it indicates the danger situation. "Controls over a longer period, however, are inappropriate," he adds. As in Stein, the traffic situation in the city is already tense due to the renovation of the cantonal road without strict controls on the rush hour.

Forwarder does not notice anything from controls

The drivers of the logistics company Galliker, which, among other things, has a branch in MOhlin with around 200 employees and 100 vehicles, have not yet heard anything of the tightened border controls, reports Managing Director Rolf Galliker. Since the regime is about identity checks and "we are mainly transporting cars to Germany that you can look into from the outside", he does not expect the controls to be very difficult. "Only if the cars back at customs, it could be that the drivers have to wait longer wait," said Galliker.

The backwater problem is also known at the motorway toll in Rheinfelden. "Exacerbated controls are particularly affecting commuters from Germany," says Vice-Chairman Walter Jucker. Nevertheless, it should be seen that, if there were successful missions, the tightened controls were justified.

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