Segolene Royal is indignant at the broadcast of the Fed Cup (and forgets a big detail)


POLITICS – "It will come." The French women's tennis team brilliantly won the Fed Cup final Sunday (November 10th) against the Australian players after a weekend of twists and turns.

An unexpected success, acquired with panache by Kristina Mladenovic and her teammates, which put the sport of France in turmoil as soon as it wakes up. The meetings were actually broadcast on the night of Friday to Saturday and early Sunday morning in the Hexagon.

Nothing illogical when you look at the seven-hour time difference between Perth and Paris. The meetings began at 11 am in Australia – as tradition dictates in these team matches – 3 am in France.

A small detail that Segolene Royal has obviously forgotten. The former presidential candidate split a surprising message just after the victory of the Blue, praising the "perseverance and will" of the players while regretting that the meetings were not broadcast in prime time "On the media of (…) their country".

If the former minister in this way highlights a reality about the lack of media exposure of women's sports compared to men's sports, there is no indication that his wish is soon to be extinguished.

And this for many reasons. The first is simply jet lag. In Fed Cup (as in Davis Cup for men), the matches are logically played according to the time zone of the receiving country. In this case, Australia. It is therefore not possible to see such meetings broadcast simultaneously in prime time around the world.

The second reason is the organization of these team weekends. In total, up to five games are scheduled (four singles and one double). The first nation with three wins wins the match. The issue and the precise schedule of the different meetings therefore vary with the result of the previous ones. It remains impossible to know in advance which will be the "decisive" meeting among the three oppositions scheduled on Sunday.

The solution to the wish of Segolene Royal could be a replay in prime time of the final played a few hours earlier. In the end, it may not come.

On Twitter, many surfers kindly mocked the tweets of Segolene Royal, as it can be read below.

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