Segolene Royal's blunder by congratulating the French team for their victory


Segolene Royal congratulated the French women for their victory in the Fed Cup. – Christophe ARCHAMBAULT

Politics and sport do not always get along … Sunday, early (very early) in the morning French time, the team of France has imposed itself against the Australia of Ashleigh Barty in
Fed Cup final. A third victory in their history that did not go unnoticed, especially for the former minister Segolene Royal, who regrets not having had a broadcast of the event "in prime time" …

So, we would have liked too. Only concern, it would have been necessary that the matches, which took place all night (French time), are played at 4am in Perth in Australia! Well, we understood that the message of the former presidential candidate was mainly to deplore the lack of media coverage of women's sports. But still it is necessary to inquire a little before tweeting.

The Blues are Fed Cup champions and that's what's important. As for women's sports, women footballers have nevertheless done good to the media.

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