Semedo will be five weeks KO and is in danger for the Classic!


Semedo (25 years) suffered an injury in the first leg of the match against Celta and was forced to ask for the change. The Portuguese side went to the bench after 20 minutes of play and said he could not continue. At the break, from the club it was reported that “Semedo He has a sore muscle lesion in his left leg, and that he would have "more tests to know the exact extent of his injury." After them, the club reported that the Portuguese will be a whopping five weeks KO, which is in danger for the Classic on December 18.

Semedo left replaced by Sergio Busquets

Sergi Roberto, on the side

Given this situation, Ernesto
Valverde decided to relocate to Sergi
Robert on the right side and put in the field to Sergio
Busquets, which was pivotal. Precisely, in the position that Roberto had initially occupied.

Again, the discard of Ernesto
Valverde he turned against the technician. And it is that the man who remained finely in the stands was Wague, which usually plays right back.

This is Barca's number 17 injury this season, in which a total of twelve players have suffered some physical mishap for now.

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