Series A: Capello criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo: "It's been three years since anyone leaves"


A series Critic the attitude of the Portuguese in 'Sky Italia'

Cristiano Ronaldo laments during the match against Milan.
Cristiano Ronaldo laments during the match against Milan.

Bad times are running for Cristiano Ronaldo on Turn. His start to the season – he has six goals and two assists in 14 games – is not the best. To top, The two substitutions he has suffered this week – the same as last season – put him 'under suspicion'.

"He is a great champion, nobody disputes him, but Cristaino has not left anyone for three years. At the moment he is not well and it is normal to change him. Sarri does not need to be brave or prove his personality to make that change. that he has not sat on the bench and argued with Sarri is not pretty. One has to be a champion even when he is changed, not only when things are going well. He must respect his teammates, "Capello said in 'Sky Sport' .

Sarri also talked about the matter: "It is natural for a player to get angry when he is substituted if he works so hard. That also pleases a coach. "

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