Seville discovers to Spain the "homemade" and autobiographical cinema of Joanna Hogg


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Seville, Nov. 10 (EFE) .- Joanna Hogg made her film debut in 2007 with the movie "Unrelated." He was 47, but since he was twenty, who started making super-8 movies, he knew he wanted to make movies. Before she had to be a photographer and director of video clips and, in the end, she focused her life on television works.

Today, about to turn 60, the British creator has made a name for herself in her country thanks to her "homemade", "homemade" cinema, as she defines it, which is also personal, autobiographical and resounding, an exercise in Sincerity that the British has cooked "over low heat" to be finally satisfied.

"I have had a very varied career, since I started in college, and then on TV for 12 years, but I always had cinema on my horizon; I have always traveled in a straight line towards it, although – it moves its hand like the sliding of a snake – sometimes zigzag. "

The filmmaker, whose films have not been released in Spain, speaks with Efe on the occasion of the tribute paid to him by the European Film Festival.

"I find it strange that they make me a retrospective, because I plan to continue making many films, but for me it is very important that my cinema is shown in Europe; it really is not very well known and it means a lot to me that they have chosen it in Seville," he says .

Hogg has four titles, the last one, "The Souvenir", was presented yesterday at the festival in a pass with an audience that did not move from the seat at the end of the session to be able to comment with her some of those autobiographical scenes that It includes the tape.

It tells a particularly difficult and painful moment of a young Hogg, a film student of just 20 years -July on the screen, played by Honor Swinton-, who begins a relationship with Anthony (Tom Burke) an older man, an English 'dandy' Refined and sarcastic, back from everything, which hides a terrible secret.

Both enter a spiral in which Julie will end up even stealing from her mother (Tilda Swinton, her mother in fiction and in real life) to satisfy her.

Hogg, who has known Tilda Swinton since her student years, was looking for a young actress for "The Souvenir," but she didn't want anyone professional, "I always knew that," he says, so she looked up the street, but didn't He found his alter ego.

On a visit to Swinton in Scotland, Hogg had a conversation with his friend's daughter about "what that woman 25 years ago should be like now; there I saw that she could do it."

And the experiment went great, although Honor has already said that he will continue with his studies and that he does not plan to make films again.

The film, which premiered at the Sundance festival in 2019, was for Hogg "a challenge," he says. "Looking back at that period of my life was reviewing my origins as a filmmaker, why I wanted to make movies. Looking back made me understand that this episode was part of the same thing. And that is something that I have been able to discover when I resumed that time" .

"What I discovered – to be honest – is that the character that I call Anthony, and that he is the man with whom I had that relationship, was for me like an alternative film school, because he had very particular ideas about the cinema, which did not match mine. On the tape, July is challenged by him, as I was, and like her, I went more towards the man than the movie I wanted to do. "

A toxic relationship that ended badly, from which "to some extent" when making the film, Hogg has healed. "Surely I healed when I did it, but what interested me most was the trip until I got there."

"It is based on memory, but – it happens to everyone, he says – memory is not always perfect, and sometimes I thought if I would not be forgetting things, interpreting others, inventing."

"The Souvenir" was always thought of in two parts; He has already shot the second, which will be finished by the end of the year.

"When you have it ready," says Hogg, "it will be a good excuse to return to Spain and show the two films outside the festival," which meanwhile, has scheduled all his filmography these days: "Unrelated" (2007), "Archipelago" (2010) and "The Exhibition" (2013). EFE

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