Sifup asked the ANFP to protect the life and health of soccer players, workers and fans


He Union of Professional Footballers (Sifup), through a statement, formally requested the ANFP to ensure that the relevant authorities and football clubs, as employers, effectively protect the life and health of professional footballers, workers that carry out related activities, fans and general public, during the duels scheduled for the week of November 11-18.

The reason for this request is due to the concern generated by the call of the bars of various clubs, Colo Colo, University of Chile, Santiago Wanderers, Everton de Vina del Mar and Coquimbo Unido to boycott the resumption of Chilean football, as a sign of protest over the social outbreak that the country is experiencing.

"Employer sports entities are obliged to take all necessary measures to effectively protect the life and health of their workers, as stated in article 184 of the Labor Code, so cannot ignore the danger to which players may be exposeds ", argues Sifup.

The Sifup request was signed by the president of the Union, Gamadiel Garcia.

It should be remembered that both the ANFP and the Sifup accepted the Government's guarantees for the return of the activity during this week, after three weeks of recess, caused by citizen demonstrations against inequality.

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