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MediaMarkt and Saturn celebrate the biggest bargain day in the world: November 11 is Singles Day. In China, this is a huge event and comparable to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – only bigger. Already starting from 20 o'clock there are the first Knaller offers. We check the deals and show which product you save the most.

What is Singles Day?

Originally, Singles Day is from China. The tradition originated at the University of Nanjing in 1993. On November 11th, single Chinese people are given a reason to celebrate parties and fall in love. We know that from Valentine's Day.

The largest online shop in China, Alibaba, has created worldwide renown. He explains the day to the shopping holiday, where singles are to present themselves and lures with bargain offers. Today it is the biggest shopping event in the world – even before Black Friday. Especially MediaMarkt and Saturn lure already on the weekend before the 11.11. with many offers at extremely reduced prices. Partly we see products that have never been so cheap.

Singles Day 2019: The best deals at Saturn and MediaMarkt

Above all, products from the fields of technology and household are reduced to Singles Day. Some top offers are already sold out. We regularly check the deals here for you so you do not miss an offer.

Current highlights include one Bluetooth headphones from JBL, one Bose Soundbar and the Apple HomePod, In addition, there are other discount promotions, with which you can save additional money:

  • 19% VAT donated: Saturn and MediaMarkt will give you the VAT on Samsung devices. There is a 15.9 percent discount on all Galaxy models. The estate is automatically reduced in the shopping cart.
  • Save extra with paydirekt: Who in the period from 9.11. from 8 pm and 11.11. until 23:59 o'clock selects the payment method "paydirekt", receives in the cart once again a direct deduction of 11,11 euro.

Top Deal: JBL Bluetooth headphones for 69 instead of 124.99 euros!

Bluetooth headphones should have a balanced sound, sit comfortably on the head and require a long battery life. The sound specialist JBL offers with the E65BTNC a model with very good price-performance ratio, good equipment and classically timeless design.

In addition to the very good sound quality (even when telephoning), this headphone has very good active noise canceling. These positive characteristics emerged from a test of the CHIP issue of December 2018, where this headphone received the rating "good" (1.8). In addition, the JBL headphones scores with a long battery life of 24 hours (15 hours in Bluetooth mode with noise-canceling). Also handy: in just two hours it is charged again.

We think: The JBL headphones with a retail price of at least 100 € already a cheap price-performance winner with rich sound and very good noise-canceling function. Today this headphone costs under 100 euros for the first time, and only 69 euros! Here should access today, who is considering to buy a new budget headphones.

If you want to save an extra 11.11 euros, you pay with the payment method paydirekt and the JBL headphones cost only 57.89 euros! Be quick, as these headphones will soon be sold out.

Top Deal: iPhone 7 for 333 euros

New iPhone models are expensive, but it does not always have to be the latest device. At Apple you get much longer than the competition, the latest software. The iPhone 7 scores with its handy dimensions and light weight. If you do not need a huge display and you are looking for a solid device that is secure and runs on the current iOS operating system, it is perfectly equipped with the iPhone 7.

We mean: iPhone prices are stable for a long time. Bargains are rare. Currently, you pay at least 70 euros more at other dealers. While the VAT action is not applicable to this deal, you could save another 11.11 euros when paying with paydirekt.

Top Deal: Apple HomePod for 249 euros

The smart speaker from Apple integrates the voice assistant Siri, the iPhone users already know from the phone. First and foremost, it's a pretty powerful speaker. Especially the basses are very impressive. The sound is automatically optimized to the conditions in the room and adjusted automatically. In addition, you control music by voice command, ask for the weather and regulate smart home products that are compatible with HomeKit.

We mean: For Apple users, the HomePod is a familiar extension thanks to Siri and a speaker with impressive sound. The price is very good, the competition costs the speaker at least 40 euros more. Only rarely can be made at Apple products such bargains. You can also save additional 11.11 euros here with the payment method paydirekt.

Top Deal: Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar for 379 Euro

The eye-catcher in the living room: The noble soundbar by Bose is a highlight for movie fans in the living room. It not only looks smart with its glass surface, but also sounds impressively strong. In various tests, the room-filling sound is praised. If desired, expand the system with a subwoofer for even more cinema feeling.

We think: The price is a hit, under 400 euros, the sound bar has never been. At other dealers you pay almost 200 euros more.

The best technology bargains for Singles Day

  • Apple HomePod For 319 euros 249 euros,
  • Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar For 599 euros 379 euros,
  • JBL headphones with noise canceling for 125 euros 69 euros,
  • Wireless socket from D-Link for 17 euros 14,99 euros,
  • Gigaset cordless phone Set of 3 for 55 euros 35 euros,

The best budget bargains for Singles Day

  • Ecovacs vacuum robot For 194 euros 139 euros,
  • SodaStream water bubbler with 3 glass carafes for 130 euros 97 euros,
  • Bosch vacuum cleaner Zoo'o Pro Animal for 195 euros 159 euros,

Of the Singles Day of Saturn and Media Markt runs until 11.11.2019 at midnight. The offers could be sold out quickly. We will keep an eye on the offers for you and keep updating this article. It pays to re-read later!

For the products sold through this site, receives a commission from the dealer. There will be no additional costs for you as a buyer.

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