Singles Day: Apple HomePod at the best price


Are you still looking for a good Christmas present or would you like to make your own house or apartment smarter? MediaMarkt and Saturn offer Apple's Smart Speaker, the HomePod, for 249 euros.

HomePod at the best price

Discount promotions on Apple products are rather rare. The HomePod does not look different. Apple itself requires 329 euros for the speaker, on the open market it is available for about 300 euros. The offer of MediaMarkt and Saturn is currently undefeated. This also confirms the price comparison of

HomePod at MediaMarkt and Saturn (* partner link)
HomePod at MediaMarkt and Saturn (* partner link)

Is the HomePod worth it for me?

The HomePod is Apple's smart speaker and uses Siri as an assistant. In addition, AirPlay also allows music from Apple devices to be streamed to the speaker. Thanks to the good connection to Apple products and services, the HomePod is especially worthwhile for anyone who already uses an iPhone or other Apple products. If you use an AppleTV or other TV with AirPlay support, you can also use the HomePod as a sound system. Two HomePods can be paired as a stereo pair and used together.

iPod touch also at the best price

In recent years, the iPod has fallen into oblivion. However, Apple continues to sell the iPod Touch and has just introduced a new model this year. The predecessor model is currently greatly reduced at MediaMarkt. This is the largest version with 128 GB of space. Instead of 339 euros MediaMarkt now requires only 199 euros. Also, this is by far the cheapest deal currently, as the comparison of shows.

What else do I need an iPod for?

In times where everyone has a smartphone, the iPod has lost importance. With iOS 12, although not running the latest operating system on the small music player, but it is still well suited for some purposes. The existing headphone port, for example, he can serve as a music source in the car. Thanks to its small size and weight, it is also suitable for sports.

IPod touch is available in many bright colors.
IPod touch is available in many bright colors.

Since the iPod has no phone function and offers very good control options for parents, the iPod could also serve as the first technical device for children. Thanks to iOS, all the music streaming services and other apps on the iPod you're used to on your iPhone are running.

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