Sky blackout at Bayern – Dortmund until the second half


The German Clasico was running – and tens of thousands of Sky customers looked into the tube. Fault reports shot around around the kick-off of today's Bundesliga top match only in the air and only after, when the game had actually already run.

Over 70,000 error reports reported "", desperate football fans vented their anger on all channels of social media:

The transmission of the Bundesliga crackers FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund is always impatiently expected by football fans beyond the supporters of both clubs – and just where it was for both team to join the top of the table, the interest in the encounter was particularly great, after all the giants of the Bundesliga were under pressure.

But even the kick-off of the match did not catch many spectators who wanted to follow the program via Sky Go and Sky Ticket. Sky referred in the error message to his online help center, which was also not available.


At 19.50 (65th minute), the Sky Support reported the end of the incident. At this time, the game in the Allianz Arena had already been largely decided. Also lamented various users until well after 20 o'clock a not disturbance free reception. Some customers even had to deal with family crises due to the persistent disruption during the broadcast of the top match. So a customer writes on the Facebook page of Sky Germany:

"Thanks Sky! Because Bayern: Dortmund on Skygo did not work and I had to watch over the receiver, my daughter missed the Sandmannchen! "

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