Sky checks for top game debacle compensation for customers


"The entire Sky team is working hard to analyze the issues to make sure they do not happen in the future," the pay-TV channel said Sunday.

Sky gives the all-clear only in the middle of the second round

Tens of thousands of customers had to struggle on Saturday evening with massive reception problems via "Sky Go" and "Sky Ticket". How many customers were affected exactly could not (or did not want to) quantify the payment provider. Only in the middle of the second round, the transmitter gave the all clear. According to Sky data, the TV transmission "via cable and satellite consistently without problems" works.

The broadcaster apologized to "all concerned customers for the inconvenience caused", but the question of compensation remained open. "We are currently examining this and will inform the affected customers as soon as possible."

"The fattest swatter today concedes Sky Go"

In social networks, Sky had to put up with mockery and ridicule. The football magazine "11Freunde" wrote during the game in his live ticker: "Both teams can play here freed. The fattest gossip today concedes Sky Go. "The magazine" FUMS "asked via Twitter if the video assistant in Cologne" also had Sky Go ".

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