Sky disaster at Bayern – Dortmund: money back? That says Sky – 1 Bundesliga


Sky Disaster near Bayern – Dortmund: Do your customers get their money back now? Here all information

Many customers of Sky did not watch Bayern - Dortmund on Saturday, but in the tube.
Many customers of Sky did not watch Bayern – Dortmund on Saturday, but in the tube.
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Munich. Sky experienced a real disaster on Saturday night. Ironically, at the kick-off of the hotly anticipated summit meeting between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Sky Go and Sky Ticket collapsed.

Remained over the entire first half Sky Go and Sky Ticketdown. Alone at "" more than 100,000 malfunctions were reported in a very short time. The customers saw nothing in this time of the top game – and now demand compensation from the pay-TV provider.

Sky talks about compensation for failure of Sky Go and Sky Ticket in the top match

On Saturday, Sky had apologized several times over various channels, but kept a possible compensation covered.

On Sunday Sky spoke up again. The broadcaster stated that it is still unclear where the problems with Sky Go and Sky Ticket transmission came from. The failure of the offers is currently being analyzed.

Sky wants to seek "a satisfactory solution in exchange with customers"

"The entire Sky team is working hard to analyze the issues to ensure that they do not occur in the future," Sky said Sunday. How many customers were affected exactly could not or did not want to quantify the payment provider.

The company also talked about possible compensation. "We will look for a satisfactory solution in the coming days in exchange with the affected customers," it says in a statement.


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"We will inform the affected customers as soon as possible," said the pay station on Sunday. Which Sky customers are eligible for compensation and whether they need to be active themselves is still unclear.

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