Slim conference system with 1080p camera and improved sound


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Startup Owl Labs has unveiled the successor to its video conference system, Meeting Owl, a distributed team meeting solution. This one now carries the addition Pro and comes with notable improvements.

The new Meeting Owl Pro features a 360-degree camera that records in 1080p, delivering twice the sharpness of the previous version that Owl Labs continues to offer. In addition, the owl is now able to zoom more distant speakers.

Bored conference system with better video and stronger audio

Instead of a single speaker, the Pro version now has three speakers built into the device, which should be twice as loud as before. Eight intelligent microphones are expected to expand the range from four meters to six meters. The Pro version is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 605 IoT module.

The Meeting Owl Pro is part of Owl Lab's Smart Meeting Room concept, which will add more features and applications to support meeting productivity. The first such feature, namely the zooming on the speaker with the camera, is already integrated in the Pro-Owl. In his roadmap for the coming year, Owl Labs is planning additional functions.

The Meeting Owl Pro can be bought in the US for around $ 1,000. In Germany so far only the predecessor model * available in the US for around $ 800.

Meeting Owl Pro in action. (Photo: Owl Labs)

Meeting Owl Pro in action. (Photo: Owl Labs)

This is the Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl is a visually similar system to the original Alexa Echo, allowing any meeting room to be opened into the width of the network to engage external participants.

The owl is preferably placed in the center of the meeting table and always automatically directs its 360-degree camera at the person speaking. The device recognizes this again in a radius of four to six meters over the eight microphones distributed in the device. External participants participate in the conversation via integrated loudspeakers. The network connection is via WLAN. The owl can be connected to a computer via USB 2.0.

Meeting Owl allows you to use the most popular communications solutions, including Zoom, Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. This circumstance, as well as the ability to use the device flexibly from room to room, is likely to explain the great popularity that the Meeting Owl has enjoyed since its introduction about a year ago.

Incidentally, the name, borrowed from the ability of an owl to turn its head 360 degrees, is reflected in the design by two bright LED rings that visualize the eyes.

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