SNB 59: Bulls and Wasps are left alone at the top


Edilse Silva connected three hits with a home run included and four races driven in the Wasps victory. Photo: Boris Luis Cabrera

The Camaguean Bulls and the Wasps of Santiago de Cuba won in their respective duels and stood firm at the top of the standings on a day where there were a couple of grouts with an out-of-combat included and an epic comeback in the easternmost of the stadiums that opened their doors.

The Wasps unleashed a deadly attack of 14 hits in the Latin American to knock out the Industrial Lions 10-0 in seven chapters.
Edilse Silva continued hot with the wood when shooting hit, double and home run with four RBIs, while Raico Santos hit a pair of doubles five times and the duo of Abdel Civil (3-2) and Ricardo Ramos (4-1) pushed to two partners for the gum each.

Ulfrido Garcia (6-5) walked the entire route allowing five simple isolates and giving away just one ticket to score the victory and Jonathan Carbo (3-8) loaded with the reverse after enduring nine uncollectable and six runs (one dirty) in 4.2 tickets released.

Hanging from the arm of Dariel Gongora, the bulls of the plain expelled from the top the Matanzas crocodiles when defeating them 7-0 for the joy of their partials gathered in the Candido Gonzalez.

Gongora (7-4) remained dominant during the seven episodes that worked to the point of tolerating only four hits and removing seven of his opponents through the bitter path of the punch.

The defeat went to the records of the Guantanamo reinforcement Dairon Mena, in an opening of only two innings where he was connected with six hits but scored only one run.

Leonel Moa of 4-2 and three trailers and Humberto Bravo of 5-2 with two thrusts, were the most productive; while Yendry Tellez with a pair of doublets, Luis Gonzalez with single and triple and Leonel Segura with hit and double; They also heated the timbers.

Finally, with a cluster of six races closing the eighth chapter, the Lumberjacks of the Tunas cleared the dust of three consecutive defeats and defeated the Elephants of Cienfuegos 10-7 before a delirious and faithful fanatic gathered in the Julio Antonio Mella.

Yordan Manduley towed four races with single and double in five turns to lead the Oriental offense, while Yordanis Alarcon 5-2 and Rafael Vinales with a double in five opportunities brought two Woodcutters home each.

Danel Castro with a tow and Hector Castillo with three hits in four shifts, also gave their input for the victory.

All the southern races were pushed by home runs. In the second episode Luis Vicente Mateo disappeared the ball with two on board and in the seventh inning it was done by Yusniel Ibanez with the congested bases to ensure the maximum tug of the season with 62.

Yacel Labrada (2-2) relieved the last two innings and a third without allowing runs and took the victory and Reemberto Barreto (4-3) carried the loss by tolerating four clean runs in the same number of chapters thrown.

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