Snchez: "This time we are going to get a progressive government"


The secretary general of the PSOE and candidate for the Presidency, Pedro Sanchez, has pledged this Sunday before the militancy to unlock the political situation: "Now yes or yes we are going to get a progressive government. "

In a scenario enabled at the gates of Ferraz, Sanchez has assured that from Monday he will call all political parties "sI encourage those who exclude themselves from coexistence and sow the discourse of hate and antidemocracy. "

The candidate has asked the parties to act with "generority and responsibility" and has affirmed that the PSOE will also do it and unlock the situation.

"Democracy called us to the polls and from tomorrow we will work for that progressive government led by the PSOE," he said.

"We have won the elections for the third time this year: April 28, May 26 and November 10," said the PSOE candidate.

And since his plan, he stressed, "is not to continue winning elections", has opted to "form a stable government and make policies for the benefit of the majority."

In addition, he thanked the 6.7 million votes received and valued the participation.

Before this speech, several hundred militants gathered in Ferraz have chanted: "With Casado no" and "Con Iglesias, yes".

In this same concentration, a group of the Socialist Youth has come up with posters that read the slogans "With churches yes" and " Progressive government". PSOE staff has gone to ask them to stop showing them, after which they have left.

The militants have also waved flags of Spain in which they could read, inscribed, the words "of all".

In this outdoor intervention, Sanchez has been accompanied by the acting vice president, Carmen Calvo; the president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona; the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Jose Luis Abalos; the deputy secretary general, Adriana Lastra; the Secretary of Territorial Coordination, Santos Cerdan, and the wife of Sanchez, Begona Gomez

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