Snow report on the mountain – November 9, 2019


In the Alps

The snow is now well established in the Northern Alps, which enjoy an excellent underlay for the beginning of the season. The snow exceeds the meter thick in places above 2000m altitude, especially in the Ecrins.

Estimated layer of snow in the Alps, Cosmo2D model, Meteociel

The Col du Lautaret (05), alt. 2057m between Ecrins and Oisans – Skaping

Domaine des 3 Vallees, in Vanoise (73), approximately 2400m – Skaping

In addition, the cold settles thanks to the clear sky and the thick layer of snow present on the ground. At Bessans, this November 9th, the temperature was below -10 ° C for the first time this season, and before 18h! This is the earliest -10 ° C since 2012.

Bessans, alt. 1730 m (73), the evening of November 9, and the temperature chart – Infoclimat

In the Pyrenees

In the Pyrenees, the layer is much more heterogeneous because it begins to be quite thick on the West of the chain where very frequent showers flow in North flow, while the East remains more or less dry.

Accumulation of snow in the Pyrenees on the evening of November 9 – The layer appears much more important in the West of the chain, than in the East, however higher – model Euro4, meteociel

This gap is clearly visible between the Luz Ardiden resort (65) where the snow is abundant.

Luz Ardiden, this 9 november – viewsurf

Compared to La Mongie, further east, which already has less accumulation at similar altitude.

La Mongie (65), November 9 – skaping

And elsewhere?

In the other massifs, the snow appears already on the highest summits (Massif-Central, Jura and Vosges, as here on the plateaus of Lozere, but it remains in very small quantity.

Snow in Lozere this November 9 – Cedric ASTRUC for Infoclimat

But conditions will remain wet next week on the country, accompanied by low temperatures for the season. Thus, the Vosges can observe up to 25-30cm of snow on the ridges, 15 to 20cm on the Jura and up to more than 50cm in the Massif Central, at the height of the Sancy. On the Alps, it could fall 1m to 1m50 additional on the border peaks of Italy, and up to 1m in the Western Pyrenees (50 to 80cm east of the chain).

Additional accumulations of snow expected until 19 November 2019 – GFS model, allosurf.

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