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Red Dead Redemption 2 is just released for the PC and players from all over the world have gathered to do all sorts of nonsense with the Western Shooter. Here are some of the craziest discoveries and interactions that have been discovered so far.

One of the discoveries that was not long in coming is about a naked woman. With the modification "Lenny's Simple Trainer", it is possible for the player to transform into just about any NPC or animal. The character model "U_F_M_Rhd_NudeWoman_01" represents a naked woman who appears briefly in a cutscene during an intercourse. After activating the mod, the player can now play as this character.

The direct opposite of this woman – a man with pants down – can be found under "U_M_M_ValPoopingMan_01". This figure also appears briefly during a cutscene, even if you can not see any "details" there. The players also have a lot of fun slipping into the skin of animals right now. Thus, the fact that the protagonist turns into a parrot, when interacting with other NPCs makes for quite funny situations, as this video proves.

In addition to all the nonsense with strange modifications were taken equally interesting moments with the internal photo mode. So find yourself in Red Dead Redemption 2 Subreddit very nice or just strange shots. "Big_Man_Dutch", for example, photographed during an intense encounter with a bear, while "Yoieh" found that the virtual sun reflected in the eyes of animals. Another find is a carved engraving in a tree, which indicates two deceased characters that the player meets in the epilogue.

Source: Eurogamer, Reddit

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