Soccer. Michael Linhoff, president of AGL-Drapeau Fougeres: "We have tracks"


Following the defeat suffered on Saturday November 9th against Stade Brest (1-3), the AGL-Drapeau Fougeres is without a coach. The president of the club confides on the continuation of the season.

Ronan Lecacheur resigned as Fougeres coach Saturday (November 9th).
Ronan Lecacheur resigned as Fougeres coach Saturday, November 9 (© Republican Chronicle).

The situation is complicated byAGL-Flag Ferns. Sporty first. Because with six defeats on the clock for one win and two draws, the team National 3 remain in the depths of the ranking at the 12e square.

Behind the scenes, too. Saturday, November 9, following the setback (1-3) against the Brest Stadium (B)Ronan Lecacheur, the head coach, announced his resignation to the club's leaders, in solidarity with his colleague Thomas Poussevin, who also resigned midweek.

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At the end of the match, Ronan Lecacheur spoke to the press. How did he experience the departure of Thomas Poussevin, his partner?

The week was special, the boys reacted properly by putting the intensity required in the training. A complicated week that ends tonight (Saturday night, Ed) by the fact that I resign. I had a moral commitment with Thomas. We were a pair that no longer exists.

Did the president's communication seeking a coach precipitate his decision? After a moment of reflection, Ronan Lecacheur dropped: "Let's say it was not trivial …"

"I am very disappointed for the players"

The coach fougerais continues:

I am very disappointed for the players, very, very disappointed … because they were present in the investment, they were generous in the field. Unfortunately, we have not been rewarded for our efforts. It's a shame, it's football that has been pretty tough with us for a long time. We too must do what is necessary to be more efficient and win games because there is quality in this workforce.

Would he have liked to continue the adventure?

My resignation is related to the moral contract I had with Thomas Poussevin. I went to the end of my approach to the club. There was a match to be played tonight, I needed a qualified coach on the bench, I was there. Now, the club has fifteen days to find the right person.

"Maybe I made a mistake …"

Michael Linhoff, President of AGL-Drapeau Fougeres
Michael Linhoff, President of AGL-Drapeau Fougeres (© Republican Chronicle Archives).

For his part, Michael Linhoff also spoke at length and with serenity on the turbulence that theAGL-Flag Ferns.

The coach is leaving, it's unfortunate. The only comfort I have is that the boys gave themselves 200%, I found a game built and intelligent. OK, we make individual mistakes because we are not yet fully honed. The absence of nine incumbents is very hard to manage. The boys fought until the final whistle, that's what I'm looking for above all, that they take pleasure in what they do. This week was very disturbing as the coach decided to leave the club. Certainly I had put pressure, maybe I had not put the right pressure, maybe I made a mistake …

The president of ferns does he consider it a failure to have chosen this pair?

No, I'm honest about it, it was the right choice because there was experience and new blood. It was rather reassuring to have a pair because Thomas was not very experienced. It's easy to criticize in defeat, we're always smart afterwards. We are looking for solutions, we are looking for electroshocks. We try to make the right decisions … After, in the communication, the sensitivity of one or the other makes that one reacted differently from what I hoped for. Everyone is learning, including the president. The president makes mistakes that he assumes, he is there to weld the team after. We have a group of great players for whom I have a lot of respect. They spoke this week to the coach and the president. Many constructive criticisms to move forward together.

How does he see the rest of the season?

Sincerely, there is no idea for the future because there is a situation where we had the hope that it will hold until the end with Thomas and Ronan, even if they think the opposite. I wanted an electroshock, a reaction but the reaction was premature to the extent that Tuesday, Thomas made his decision. I regret it, it's my fault for not having known maybe to frame them in a positive way despite the pressure. But it's an overall failure in the sense that we are a club in reconstruction but it is not a failure in the sense that we are flat: you saw the game today. This is played in little detail. In the Coupe de France, we were stepped on. The next two games, there was guts, they put themselves in block behind the coach. I respect that.

"It's a question of graduation"

The encounter Ferns – Brest was notably followed in the stands by Pierre-Yves David, former coach of Saint Malo. A significant presence? The question made Michael Linhoff laugh.

No ! We have tracks. Now it's not a choice, it's an obligation. We will find a solution but not in a hurry. The office is behind me, we speak with one voice.

Does the club want to favor an internal solution?

It's a bit difficult because Ronan decided to stop too. It's a question of diploma, it's not a question of will. Joachim is a trainer of very good quality, we see the results he produces with the small means he has. It's extraordinary ! That means he has a role to play in the future of the club because he showed his abilities. He detects the talents. We have a very good football school with very good coaches who know how to detect our talents. I am very respectful of that. Finding a solution internally would be ideal, but legally, I'm not sure it's feasible. No matter what we do, we will do it together. Players need to trust me.

Collected by our correspondent, Rene Tropee

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