Social networks condemned Marchesin and Saravia and Porto sanctioned them


The networks are not usually allies of the archers. They suffer every time they have to take the ball from the bottom of the goal. And in this case, because of the networks, but social, Agustin Marchesin was punished in Porto leaving him out of the call of this Sunday's game against Boavista, the classic. To him and his compatriot Renzo Saravia, plus Colombians Matheus Uribe and Luis Diaz.

What happened? Uribe invited the three partners mentioned above to his wife's 30th birthday. So far, nothing that will make fun of the rules. But it turns out that the birthday girl Cindy Alvarez Garcia and another guest They posted posts in which they could see the players enjoying the party after twelve o'clock at night, the maximum time allowed by Porto for the days before the matches. It happened on Friday night and the team plays the derby this Sunday since the 18th of Argentina.

The images went viral from Instagram of the model and, although later deleted the publications, the coaching staff of the Dragons He had already heard. Having stayed until after the set time cost them dearly.

At the press conference, coach Sergio Conceicao was lapidary are what happened. "They have told me about two or three players and I want to highlight an expression I had a while ago. This representation of Porto is not enough to have a contract, you have to feel the club", Shooting.

Agustin Marchesin and Matheus Uribe, undisputed headlines, received the bad news on Saturday afternoon. Therefore, they, more Saravia and Diaz, were marginalized from the match this Sunday by the First League. The Dragons they visit Boavista in search of three points that leave two of the leader, Benfica.

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