'Some Bayern players wanted to get away from Kovac'


Just a few days ago, Bayern President Uli Hoeneb announced that everything had been said about Kovac-Aus. According to him, the separation would have been "mutually agreed". Anyway, the 48-year-old Kovac said goodbye with class: So thanked the former coach personally to the players and wrote a farewell email to all employees of Bayern. But Saturday night Uli Hoeneb chatted in the ZDF sports studio a hitherto unknown detail.

"Some players want him away as a coach"

The (still) Bayern president said that Kovac had lost the backing of his team. After the 1: 5 debacle against Eintracht Frankfurt, the club was forced to take action. "There have certainly been currents within the team that wanted the coach away, so the leadership has responded accordingly," Hoeneb said during the ZDF broadcast.

Hoeness – who from next week will no longer be the president of FC Bayern – last remained in contact with the fired Niko Kovac. Opposite the channel "Sky" said the departing Hoeneb: "I was also concerned with making a sensible farewell to Niko Kovac, which I have also significantly pushed forward.I talked to him very often – even since the weekend – with me The coaches are almost always friends, but of course he is not happy, but I think he is relieved too, because it was not so good for him. "

Everything is based on Hansi Flick

Both Uli Hoeneb and Boss Rummenigge wanted to stick to assistant coach Hansi Flick. "One thing is clear: After such an outstanding week with two convincing victories, you can not say that we're going to send Hansi Flick away and get someone who might only be able to work for a few months," says Hoeneb in the ZDF sports studio ,

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