Somme: a father suspected of killing his 6-year-old son hangs on an electric pole


He had sent an SMS to his family on Saturday, indicating that he wanted to finish it. On November 9, this 37-year-old family man from Belleville, Lorraine, left the department with his son after leaving this terrible message. The gendarmes, alerted, immediately began searching for this adult and his child of 6 years and a half.

"A helicopter was mobilized, a police dog … The search lasted until 2 am and resumed this morning at 6 am The father was finally geolocated overnight in the Somme, says a source close to the record At 8:50 this morning, his lifeless body was found on a road in the municipality of Yzengremer, about 400 km from the family home.The father was hanged on an electric pole.The boy, him, was found dead in a hotel room in Friville-Escarbotin, a few kilometers away. "

According to the source, the little boy died as a result of drug poisoning. An investigation was opened for investigation of the causes of death. The reasons for this tragedy were unknown on Sunday. The parquet of Amiens should communicate very soon on this business.

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