Sounds to Gladbach, BVB, Werder, RB Leipzig, FC Schalke 04 and Co .: Nubel is angry


While FC Schalke 04 were struggling to lose the lead, Steffen Baumgart of SC Paderborn did not like the referee. Also BVB coach Lucien Favre was more than served. On Sunday Gladbach coach Marco Rose was happy about the place in the sun and Christian Streich commented on the excitement with David Abraham. The votes for the 11. Gameday of the Bundesliga:

Christian Streich (SC Freiburg coach): "Abraham is an emotional player, he just wanted to get to the ball and make the game fast, then he blew me over, I did not want to get him the ball because he arrived at an extreme speed, but now you have to come down again."

Adi Hutter (Eintracht Frankfurt coach): "In the end it got a little bit hectic, football is also alive with emotions, it's also part of the coaches' game, and we've lost a few points and deserved a point."

Oliver Glasner (VfL Wolfsburg coach): "We did not deserve that defeat, it was an appearance that makes me optimistic for the coming weeks, with the bottom of the pack bottomed out, an uptrend apparent, unlike in the Europa League against Ghent this time, heads did not go down . "

Peter Bosz (Bayer Leverkusen coach): The game had little to do with football, but I'm still proud of my team and the players showed a great mentality. "

Marco Rose (Borussia MOnchengladbach coach): "It was a very racy game on the whole, it went up and down, the last week was really great with the three wins, so now we can breathe a bit, I know that the whole thing is exciting, but we try to do nothing allow."

Yann Sommer (Goalkeeper Borussia MOnchengladbach) … to the game: "Nice win, it was important to go into the break with a positive feeling, I'm really happy."

… to the table: "We play every weekend to keep this place, we want to score three points in each game, the situation is positive, but the season is still very long, now we enjoy that and after the break we go further."

Patrick Herrmann (double goalkeeper Borussia MOnchengladbach) … on the half-time speech: "Marco Rose said that we still have to do a lot better, we had two, three very good chances for Bremen in the first half and we had to stop that in the second half."

Tony Jantschke (Borussia MOnchengladbach) … to the withdrawn goal of SV Werder Bremen (in the half-time break): "He hits him on the calf., Then you have to take back the gate." For the video assistant is there. "

Florian Kohfeldt (Werder Bremen coach): "I have a bit of a feeling of being 'Groundhog Day', I do not know if the better side won today, but the more effective side won, we kept on playing but we did not score should start scoring points. "

… to the game: "I think we have much better chances to score than Gladbach out of the game, but we do not and we get goals out of nowhere, I did not feel we were played a standard, then it is a chain behavior on the second goal and in the third goal we defend much too passive.We are not so consistent in our chances.That is why Gladbach is first and we with 14 points 11. I have a quality difference in the game itself not really seen otherwise, only in these moments. "

… to the question of what is being done to build up self-confidence: "Talk a lot, there are of course a lot of circumstances that are currently coming together, without that I want to complain because I was really happy about the 3: 1 because it We still have zero uncertainty in us, you can see that in the game, we play brave things, we also defend bravely, but nonetheless you have to say that the defensive tactic today was also strongly geared to one with Toprak Having players in the center who still catches the crossbars at a great deal of speed because we wanted to push through courageously Langkamp made a great play, but the injury to Toprak happened ten minutes before the kickoff and of course you do not want everything anymore I'm still proud of how the guys went on playing and that must and will turn into points in the long run. "

… to the injury of Omer Toprak shortly before the kick-off: "It was not hectic in the cabin You then set the standards You can not work all week for one game and then injured ten minutes before the game a player and then you throw everything over. That does not make sense either. "

Davy Klaassen (SV Werder Bremen) .. to the game: "We give away two goals in the first half and then we have a few chances to come back, but we shoot them in the 3-0 it is actually over."

… to the withdrawn goal of SV Werder Bremen: "Yes, I can not be angry that he gives a foul."

… to the confidence for the next few weeks: "If you do not trust the team, it will be difficult, we still have faith, but we also know we have to score now."

Maximilian Eggestein (SV Werder Bremen) … to the game: "I think we still did not do it bad, to be honest, we just did not make our goals and Gladbach took advantage of that ice cold."

… to the question of whether Bremen has beaten itself: "We have to do things the front and there is no single fault." All in all, there are many things we need to do better at the moment. "

Hansi Flick (Bayern Munich coach) …

… to the game: "It has already indicated on Wednesday that the team wants to take the initiative, we were aggressive from the first minute and have today also shown which football we can celebrate to the front."

… about changes compared to the 1: 5 in Frankfurt: "The past does not count for me, I had a task here and now with these two games and my whole team around it did a sensational job, even if it was not that easy because you can not put a lot of content into training in the short term, the team knew it was their duty and did it very well. "

… to the showdown with Dortmund: "Everyone in Germany has been feverishly forward to this duel, of course tactics are there, but you have to show from the first minute on who will win this game and that has been a great success for the team."

… to Robert Lewandowski: "It's up to him to decide when to operate, and I think he has such a run that I would think it over in his place, for me he's the world's best striker What he does for us, but there is a lot of hard work behind it, he is an absolute role model, he has no acute pain in the groin. "

… to his continued employment as a coach: "It's not about my person, but the difficult situation in the club It honored me for these two games to get the trust, but more is not yet agreed there was an event that I did not really want to do that either, I just came back as an assistant coach because I missed the daily work on the pitch, there is no agreement on what to do, I enjoy a nice bottle of red wine with the family tonight, then I am satisfied. "

Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich)

… to the game: "Compliments to the team! We have implemented very well what Hansi wanted to grind us in the last few days.We were brave from the beginning, have pre-pressed well with the full-backs.It was during the week of men's football That's why we've become German champions seven times in a row – it's always great when Borussia Dortmund comes here and we act like that. "

… to the mentality: "It's not a question of mentality, it's a question of what kind of football I'm willing to play, especially the tech-savvy players who have both teams in their ranks, we were there and in the duels. We made it clear from the very first second that we wanted to win this game and it's great fun to get into every ball, especially in the second half. "

… on the effect of the change of coach: "Today, of course, it was a brilliant game, I also liked the match against Piraeus, the match in Frankfurt can not really be taken as a comparison, because we got a red card after seven minutes That's why I would not make the comparison too blatant – in any case, the players were even more challenged by the change of coach because the alibis were gone. "

Uli Hoeneb (President FC Bayern Munich) …

… to his last game as Bayern president: "I ordered such a performance from the team and she delivered it." Jokes aside, that was a beautiful graduation, the calendar could not have meant better A demonstration of our team until the 90th minute Apart from a small scoring chance, Dortmund did not even score a goal, our team fought right from the start, ran, scored chances and I have to thank them. This game will be remembered forever. "

… on the effects of the change of coach: "The heads were free again and the players already knew that they had to deliver after Niko Kovac left.

Hansi Flick continues: "Up to now, we have been working with a steady hand on this matter and it would be wise to agree in the next 14 days in the club how to proceed." Hansi Flick plays in It certainly has a role to play in thinking as well, and the club does not yet have a definite opinion on the matter. "

… to his farewell: "I could not prepare for the farewell weeks, because I was still too involved.

Niko Kovac says goodbye: "I was also interested in giving Niko Kovac a sensible farewell, and the coaches are almost always friends with me." Niko is also a bit relieved, it was not so easy on him either past."

… to his work at Bayern: "I've taken over the club as a small football club and now give a world club and I have already made my contribution." Despite the huge need for money, this club should continue to remain human. you will realize that this was exactly the same as Bayern-like, in this club the focus is on the human being, not necessarily the success. "

Lucien Favre (Borussia Dortmund coach) …

… to the game: "Bayern was much better than we were .. Tempo, ball acceptance, technique, passes, movement – in all these matters, we were not good, many players were not there, we were not afraid, they were better very good in the ball and we lost a lot of balls, that was the difference, it was really very weak of us, we have a lot to do. "

… on the men's football demanded by Michael Zorc: "We had a lot of trouble in the duels, which has something to do with men's football but also with technique and movement."

… to replace Jadon Sancho: "He only trained once yesterday, it was seen that it was difficult for him, he was not injured."

… on the approach to the match (before the game): "We have to do a great job to take something along, Bayern have a very good team, we have respect but not fear, we have to attack and defend very cleverly."

Hans-Joachim Watzke (Managing Director Borussia Dortmund) …

… to the duels in Munich (before the game): "We got the last three Bundesliga games down there neatly, but the team will not be so naïve again now and just have to be ready, I have the feeling that she is ready too. "

… to Hummels (before the game): "One of the best Bayern players is also playing on the other side, which is not so bad."

… to the championship (before the match): "It would be cool to become German champion once again and it will not be too long before BVB becomes German champion again, I'm sure of that Preseason 21 match days, you must be the championship goal. "

… to Favre (before the match): "Lucien has registered that although he is struggling, as he has in recent weeks, he enjoys a lot of confidence here, he also decided that the team needed a coach who also sets a sign once. "

Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) …

… to the match: "As a team, we were clearly the weaker team, we had a good first quarter of an hour and a couple of good minutes after the substitutions of Marco and Paco, that's it, we were not brave enough either with or without We just were not good enough. "

… to his pre-game feeling: "I thought we could take the momentum of the last three games and be more courageous, but we lost a lot of duels in which we were not tough enough."

… to his own goal: "The own goal went well with the game and I found it – because the game was already decided – almost tragic-funny and I had to smile that at the old place of action I also had one in my own net. "

Michael Zorc (Sport Director Borussia Dortmund) …

… to his demand for men's football: "That was honestly no football at all today, I am aghast Bayern Munich was in all respects overlong After a good quarter of an hour Bayern has completely taken the command We have missed everything Bayern also has We had planned a lot for this game and then a non-performance, we are just disappointed, we made it too easy for Bayern. "

Joachim LOw (national coach) …

… to his former co-trainer Hansi Flick: "He has the sporting competence and the emotional quality to deal with the players in Bayern, I trust him to the task in any case."

Steffen Baumgart (SC Paderborn coach) … to the game: "We had better opportunities in the early stages, but then gave the game something out of hand, we get a questionable free kick hit, where one is in the wall, although he is not allowed Video umpire, it's hard for me not even to check it. "

… to Augsburg players in the Wall of Paderborn at the winning goal: "For me it is a joke, if the referee just looked elsewhere, I can accept that, but in order to verify such situations, we have introduced the video assistant." He has a minute It's more time to look at this, not to do that and then explain that shit, now I have to be careful what I say.

Martin Schmidt (FC Augsburg coach): "Two teams have met each other and both of them did not play well, so we went down to the standard level, where we were the closer team, we woke up right after the missed penalty, sometimes standards are decided "We had a very difficult time, such games as today give you a sense of self. Now we move on."

Marco Fritz (referee) … to Augsburg players in the Wall of Paderborn at the winning goal: "There are actually two walls for me two players are behind the main wall offset, where the Augsburg players are allowed to stay, because the rule is valid from three players be hit by me on the square, as the video assistant may not intervene. "

David Wagner (Coach Schalke 04): "We played a good first half, they have to make it 2-0 in the second half and my boys reacted very well after the equalizer – but then Dusseldorf too – we are a bit annoyed by the result."

Alexander Nubel (captain and goalkeeper FC Schalke 04) … to the game: "Unfortunately I did not have much to do and still had to concede three goals, which was not nice, you score three goals and play in the end 3: 3. That does not have to be at home."

… to the defeats in the central defense: "Of course, failures always play a role, but Ozan Kabak and Weston McKennie are doing well and so we compensate for that. I have occasionally told Weston some basic things."

Suat Serdar (scorer FC Schalke 04) … to the game: "We have received three straight goals from mistakes of ours, we have to be more consistent in the last 15, 20 minutes and play such a game at home."

Friedhelm Funkel (Fortuna Dusseldorf coach): "It was a very interesting game, very, very big compliment to my team – coming back three times speaks for a lot, very much mentality – that's why this point is well deserved, we never got stuck."

Rouwen Hennings (Triple scorer Fortuna Dusseldorf) … to his dreierpack: "It is outstanding to achieve three goals in the Bundesliga, does not happen every day, then we have also taken something in the 2nd league I have ever made 3 goals in a game."

… to make up for the 3: 3: "The pass of Kaan Ayhan was outstanding, we know his fine feet, I will then with the long leg still on it and I'm glad that he went in."

… on his personal goals goal: "I do not set myself a mark, I just try to keep going and continue the run."
… to the upcoming duel with Bayern: "We also try to take something against Bayern and will throw everything in two weeks."

Sandro Schwarz (FSV Mainz 05): "We did not come in well, the back of the neck condemned the two goals to standards before and after the break and then the plug was out."

Daniel Brosinski (own scorer FSV Mainz 05) … to the game: "We do not need to talk this around, it was a total failure of everyone on the field, and in the end it does not matter if you score two more goals, because the game was already eaten, so everyone has to question themselves 'Did he bring everything to the court?'

Rouven SchrOder (sports director FSV Mainz 05) … on the coach question: "I do not have to make a plea every week now, I made my statements week after week, of course we are disappointed because we really wanted to score today and we will discuss the game self-critically." Sandro Schwarz is our coach and we will critically scrutinize with him, it is normal for us to be critical of ourselves. "

Urs Fischer (Union Berlin): "We did 60 minutes right and we were deservedly in the lead, but then we did not show anything for 30 minutes of what we did well before, we won the match and the balance was in the air."

Ante Covic (Hertha BSC coach) … to the game: "The penalty was in my view the sticking point, we came in well and courageously into the game." The team has implemented much of what we have set ourselves, because we were slowed by such a decision, for the I have no understanding. "

… to a possible penalty after a foul on Stark: "Incredible where the elbow of the opponent goes I have not said anything about the referees for ten games The hand has no business there The boy has most likely broken his nose I do not think it's alright that the referee does not even look at it The mistakes against us have been mounting lately, without wanting to look for excuses now I'm having a hard time talking to the referee now As a human, I would have liked him to stand up and admit that he made a mistake, but I do not think there's any open doors. "

… to findings of the game: "We are also in a position to work against such an opponent opportunities, only we have to reward ourselves.The game is of course also different when you 1-0 lead instead of 1: 2 Of course, Leipzig is a tough hunk, but from the performance we can take a lot for supposedly feasible tasks. "

Julian Nagelsmann (RB Leipzig): "We are happy that we won, we did not expect Hertha so deeply, but looking at the line-up, there was a strong smell of three back-ups and we had a nice goal behind them after the lead for us shortly before the break it was clear that Hertha would put more pressure on us, we switched to fives and got more control in the game. "

Timo Werner (double goalscorer RB Leipzig) … to the match: "We had ten, 15 good minutes in the second half, after which we had some luck, but thank god we won."

… to the referee: "Maybe we were lucky today on our side."

Konrad Laimer (RB Leipzig) … to a possible penalty after fouling Stark: "I noticed it myself, my arm was really hurt after that, I just wanted to jump up to the header and feel it behind me at my elbow." I touch him on the head of course If I'm unlucky, you can whistle, but today we were lucky that the 50-50 decisions were on our side, and I did not feel that the ball was in my hands. "

Achim Beierlorzer (Coach 1. FC KOln): "We played a good game, it was a fight for the fight, everyone wanted victory until the end, so in the end it's a bit bitter, what happens to us, also to the video evidence, the sum of what we endure and endure It's already great, I can not influence whether I can stay. "

Alfred Schreuder (TSG Hoffenheim coach): "It was a bit happy in the end, if you score so late, you can not say otherwise, we're not looking up or down, just our performance."

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