Spain election: Extreme growth for right-wing party Vox fears – with consequences


On Sunday, the Spaniards will vote for a new parliament for the second time in a year. But especially the increasing power of the right-wing populist party Vox could become a dangerous competition.

  • On Sunday, 10.11.2019, the parliamentary elections will take place in Spain for the second time this year.
  • According to a poll, the "Socialist Workers Party" PSOE is expected to win the election, but with losses.
  • The right-wing populist party "Vox" could become the third strongest power.

Update 3.30pm: The parliamentary re-election in Spain saw a significantly lower turnout on Sunday than at the last vote in April. By 14.00 clock had 37.93 percent of the voters participated, the electoral authority said. This is about three and a half points less than at the first parliamentary election of the year a good six months ago at the same time (41.48 percent), it said.

First announcement: Madrid – Already to second time within one year the Spaniards have to On Sunday to elect a parliament. It is the fourth parliamentary election in four years, but an end to the political blockade is not in sight despite the new elections. In the latest polls again cut the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) of the officiating Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez but it will probably not come back to a majority that is in power.

Spain poll on Sunday: PSOE leads opinion polls – but the new election could fail again

Already after the election in the spring Sanchez failed attempt to agree with another party on a government formation, which is why King Felipe VI. in September called for the new election. But a coalition with other leftist parties excludes the Prime Minister so far. And so Sunday's election could fail because of the same problems – a vicious circle for Spain. Around 37 million voters are called to vote. But the expectations of the turnout on Sunday are the hopelessness correspondingly low. The polling stations are open from 09.00 to 20.00, after that will be first forecasts expected. Sanchez has already released a video showing his vote.

Above all, the Sunday could benefit right-wing populist party "Vox", which has seen a strong increase in followers due to the difficult political situation surrounding the Catalan crisis. According to the polls, the party led by Santiago Abascal could receive twice as many seats as before, making it the third strongest force after the PSOE and the conservative PP become.

Parliamentary elections in Spain: Vox party as strong as never – Herbes setback for feminism in Spain

A prospect that particularly affects the women's rights movement in Spain. Currently, the Cabinet alone consists of 65 percent women. Generally, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais in the country also around 65 percent of women between 18 and 24 as feminists. Information of the mirror According to a 2016 case, a gang rape on an 18-year-old was considered by a court to be just sexual abuse. Since then, hundreds of thousands of women take to the streets on World Women's Day, fighting for equal rights. With success: As the mirror reports, that is feminism in Spain currently as strong as ever. Conservative parties would also campaign for equal rights, and women's voices would be heard in politics.

But with the increasing power of right-wing populists this could change again in the future. The years-long struggle for women's rights and equal rights is now threatened more than ever. Because the Vox party was not represented in parliament last year, held it in 2019 the first time. And now, not even a year later, she could already be the third strongest party. A major setback for feminism, should it come on Sunday so far. In particular, the incumbent Prime Minister Sanchez has issued warnings in advance of the Vox party.

In Bolivia, meanwhile, a power struggle is also raging, for President Morales it does not look good. Policemen join the demonstrators, two state broadcasters cease operations.

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