Spain: Sanchez first, rights with strong plus


Hardly any way out

Now the cards are redistributed. The PSOE would have hoped for gains, was allowed to flirt shortly after calls for the new elections in the summer even with the absolute. But on Sunday night it was clear that this would remain a dream of the incumbent Prime Minister and his Social Democrats. According to El Pais, they come to 29.2 percent.

A few weeks ago, when the coalition talks with the left Podemos failed Sanchez much better maps. But many of his constituents may have stayed home for political reasons.

The Conservatives of the People's Party (PP) of Pablo Casado could easily win. They had lost more than 15 percent in April. Some of her previous voters could now win her back.

From Sanchez'Inability to form a coalition and the absence of many Spaniards from the ballot boxes benefited especially the right-wing populist Vox. The party of the Basque Santiago Abascal had reached 10.3 percent from a standstill in April and continued to improve within seven months (13.6 percent). They offer supposedly simple solutions, in addition they played the uprisings in Catalonia in the cards.

The party emerged in 2014 as the right alternative to the conservative Partido Popular (PP). In the meantime, she is part of the Andalusian government coalition and sits in the city government of Madrid,

Government formation difficult

The new election does not make the search for a government easier. A government alliance to the left of the middle was last failed because himself Sanchez not with Podemos boss Pablo Iglesias could agree on program and ministerial list.

An alliance right of the middle In all likelihood, this is unlikely to turn out this time either.

An alliance across the middle would go out, but was excluded by the protagonists.

Prior to the election, a PSOE minority government was the most likely option – though here too one would have to agree with the other parties about their support. But she would not care for more stability.

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