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The city of Hamm points to speed controls on Hammer streets. We have the new week's priorities announced by the city online here.

Increased speed measurements are carried out on the following roads:

Monday, November 11th:

– Bockum-HOvel, Bulowstrabe

– Herringen, Dortmund street

– Uentrop, Lippestrasse

Tuesday, November 12th:

– Heessen, Heessener Dorfstrabe

– Bockum-HOvel, Lipperandstrabe

– Rhynern, Gobel-von-Drechen-Strabe

Wednesday, November 13th:

– middle, long street

– Heessen, Great Sand Path

– Pelkum, Sandbochumer street

Thursday, 14th November:

– Uentrop, Hohefeldweg

– Middle, Vorheider way

– Herringen, Herringer Heide

Friday, 15th of November:

– Rhynern, Von-Thunen-Strabe

– Uentrop, Kirchweg

– Bockum-HOvel, Eichstedtstrabe

Saturday, 16th of November:

– Pelkum, On the bed

Here you will find the speed camera overview of the police Hamm

The City of Hamm expressly points out that the sites indicated are only one focus of the measures. Also on other roads, on Sundays and public holidays as well as at night must be expected with speed measurements.

In addition, the specified locations can only be monitored if the local conditions (for example, the parking situation or the weather conditions) allow the monitoring equipment to be set up.

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