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Sporting Cristal | If written in the lines of your story is the alias of "team that champion nation" and also "champion of the century", it is logical that you should always look for a title more or at least, one more final. So be one of your most irregular years, so do not have your best player, and so depend on other results, that showcase full of trophies and cups should push you and tell you in the ear: "Hey, we are Crystal and we always go out to win" . And exactly that happened in Arequipa and before a difficult opponent like Melgar, He won to keep fighting.

It is true, Sporting Cristal is one step back, they should wait for a setback of Lima Alliance today and should not give more points. But in football, hope is not our feeling, it does not belong to us. Hope, as Cortazar said, is life itself defending itself. Therefore Cristian Palacios, Inspired by blind faith, he went out to search from the first minute. He tried the seconds and scored the goal that many games wanted.

The joy was felt throughout the country and the illusion of a final already materialized. Because an institution of the category of Sporting CristalFor the happiness of the fans, you have the luxury of having two options. If the Clausura is not given, you just have to keep your advantage in the accumulated table and secure a place in the semifinals. And a triumph against ‘Domino’ they liked. But unfortunately, nobody said it would be easy.

After a first poor time of emotions, despite attempts to Bernardo Cuesta to match, everything would be defined in the complement. The same Argentine attacker had no trouble beating Renzo Revoredo, even though he was on his back, and was alone in front of the goal to score. 1-1 was like putting a match on paper and the game regained energy with constant attacks in both areas.

Want the title

But the expulsion of Narvaez would change everything. The defender, who had already committed a penalty that was not charged by the referee, was forced to knock the Cristian Palacios, who was leaving alone. In that same play, Tavara took advantage of the free kick and put the 2-1 in favor of the underponers. But, Cuesta again matched everything with another great gesture within the area. However, the man of more, little by little, began to give the advantage to Sporting Cristal.

The arrivals were only blue, to the limit that ‘Berni’, the author of a double, went down to collaborate with the brand. Again the ‘Chorri’ came to drive the ball, but the referee annulled him both for a non-existent forward position. And minutes later, a good shot of Nilson Loyola from outside the area liquidated everything. And despite already winning, Manuel Barreto He made a striker replace a steering wheel, since this is the club, one that is great from start to finish.

The 2-3 remained and Sporting Cristal He was able to celebrate a victory that made them taste the tip temporarily. But happiness encompasses more: it is a triumph that allows you to continue up in the accumulated table and that already gave the classification to the Copa Libertadores. Well, one of its most irregular years, a club with the history and showcase of Cristal, can never leave empty-handed. The ‘Team that was born champion’ always fights until the end.

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