Squeezie delivers on Twitch on inequalities, sexism … Internet users thank him


This Thursday, November 7, Squeezie organized a huge live on his Twitch channel with the Doigby streamer. And unlike his other nights like this, the usual videographer on YouTube did not get into a game of video games, but in an exciting social debate. A surprising choice on paper? Yes, but that gave birth to very interesting moments of reflection.

Squeezie in the face of inequalities in society

So, whether it is the place of women in society, respect for the sexual orientation of each or the past of France, Squeezie has been open-minded about these topics and his perception of things (from 1:03 on the live). "Seeing that a girl is less paid for equal position, it's stuff, when I learned that, I was shocked. I was on the ass crazy, I did not even know it was true. I thought, but why?"he confessed, before recalling how much self-reflection on any topic is necessary and important to evolve.

"There are reflections you make yourself alone when you grow up. For example, my parents never made me aware that a woman can love a woman, that a guy can love a guy. And when I realized that while growing up, I said to myself 'ok, no worries, we do not care, if they love it's cool'. And stupidly, naively, you think that everyone thinks like that because it's the most logical way of thinking. And that's wrong."

In the same way, always marked by these inequalities between men and women, the videographer – particularly well placed to know it, wished to recall that it was time to admit the privilege of the men on many domains, whose place on Internet : "It's toxic for everyone (Internet), but when you're a girl you take a lot more than when you're a guy. There is no maybe. When you're a girl, you take ten times more than when you're a guy, point".

Internet users thank him …

Debates, certainly not revolutionary but necessary, in line with his many voices on YouTube, which positively surprised Internet users. On Twitter, many today thank Squeezie for daring to tackle such topics and take advantage of his influence (13.7 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.4 million subscribers on Twitch) to defend causes as strong (see below).

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