St. Petersburg: student killed and dismembered – historian admits act


A prominent Russian historian confessed to having killed a former student and then dismembered it. "He has admitted his guilt," said the man's lawyer, Alexander Potschuew, on AFP news agency Sunday. The 63-year-old had been arrested on Saturday while trying to sink the body parts of the young woman, who was also his lover, in the river Moika in St. Petersburg.

The police rescued the university professor from the ice-cold river and then discovered the arms of a woman in his backpack. In the apartment of the Napoleon expert, the officials found the decapitated body of the 24-year-old, with whom the historian had written several books, and a blood-smeared saw.

Students describe historians as "freaks"

The 63-year-old told the investigators, according to local media, he shot his lover in the fight and then sawed off her head, arms and legs. His lawyer told AFP that the historian regretted the crime and cooperated with the investigators. According to reports, the professor of St. Petersburg State University wanted to take his life after sinking the body parts. Accordingly, he wanted to throw himself disguised as Napoleon of the Peter and Paul fortress.

The man is the author of several works on Napoleon Bonaparte and appeared as a history expert in several documentary films. He was also a member of the French Institute for Social Sciences, Economics and Politics (Issep), founded by Marion Marechal – the niece of the French right-wing populist Marine Le Pen. The Institute said on Saturday that its employee had been deprived of his position on the Science Committee because of the bloody deed.

Students described the scholar, who liked to show himself in historical costumes with his lover, as gifted lecturers, but also as a "freak" and eccentric.

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