Standard-Mechelen: Oulare, Lestienne and Boljevic holders, grand premiere for Lavalee in Sclessin (DIRECT: 0-0)



Standard, with his win this week against Frankfurt in the Europa League, will try to confirm his good statistics at home against Mechelen.
For this duel, Michel Preud'homme leaves Carcela and Emond on the bench. Lavalee, who had been good in Frankfurt in the first leg of the Europa League, replaces Vanheusden suspended.

It is Oulare who will be aligned at the forefront of the attack. Boljevic also finds a place of titularity.

The compos:

Standard: Bodart, Vojvoda, Laifis, Lavalee, Gavory, Cimirot, Bastien, Mpoku, Boljevic, Lestienne, Oulare.

Bench: Gillet, Galje, Goreux, Cop, Emond, M. Carcela, Amallah, Fai, Miangue, Avenatti, J. Carcela.

Mechelen Thoelen, Van Cleemput, Swinkels, Peyre, Corryn, Van Damme, Schoofs, Hairemans, Tainmont, De Camargo, Vanzeir.

The live of the match:

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