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Since Disney acquired the production company that George Lucas had founded in 1971, the fear of many became a reality. The company led by the CEO Bob Iger the brand exploded and led the franchise to new horizons, but also to a cramming that seems to have even affected the most fanatic. This without counting the numerous obstacles that have had to go through and that has led viewers to lose faith in the company.

One of the most questionable practices in the history of Disney's Star Wars are layoffs to directors and canceled deliveries. A couple of years ago he reached a point where he had too many almost confirmed and developing projects, such as the Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-offs, which they couldn't handle.

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These projects ended up being canceled due to creative differences and had to face serious mistakes like what happened with the Han Solo movie, in which they fired their directors when they had practically finished filming everything to hire another who could fix what they didn't I liked the study.

They currently have a trilogy of sequels about to reach their end, and with it the acclaimed Skywalker Saga. Which leaves a big question in the air, and this is if Disney can deliver a worthy end to what George Lucas started. Well, it should not only satisfy the new fans, but those who have followed the story for several decades.

But what big stumbling blocks were we talking about? Well, a series of bad practices within the film industry that end up affecting the outcome of the films. Here we share some of these episodes that can explain many of the disappointments that they might have.

The original screenwriter of The Force Awakens did not have time to do his job

Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke all records at the box office and was one of the films in the saga that has been discussed most. It is not something illogical considering that it marked the return of the science fiction saga to the big screen after the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012, so three years of expectation served something. This, however, made many forget that, like the rest of the films that make up the trilogy, it was also full of inconveniences.

Yes, it is time to remember that Oscar winner Michael Arndt was hired to write the script for Episode 7 and spent several months working on it, but the company's activity schedule was very tight so when Arndt asked for more time his request was rejected and he ended up abandoning the project in October 2013, as Screen Rant points out. After this it was that J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan to replace it and deliver the final version we know. Arndt maintains his credit as a screenwriter so we can believe that the company used some elements of his work for the film.

Josh Trank was fired from Boba Fett's spin-off

One of Disney / Lucasfilm's initial plans was to fill the moviegoers calendar with all the movies based on the Star Wars universe they could. Thus, at the time it was announced that the sequel trilogy would be accompanied by three independent films that would act as spin-offs of the franchise. According to the rumors, there was always talk of an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, one of Boba Fett and the one that ended up being Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was assumed that the director of Unlimited Power was working on the history of the Mandalorian, and although it was never fully confirmed, he was already in an advanced stage of development and was going to appear along with Gareth Edwards at the Star Wars Celebration of 2015. All It became a horror story when Josh Trank canceled his appearance and shortly after the news came out that he was leaving the post of director.

Colin Trevorrow was fired from Episode 9

The list of stumbling blocks of Disney with its election of directors for the new films of the science fiction saga seems never to end. Colin Trevorrow joined the project in 2015 and was fired two years later. It must be recognized that he had a lot against Carrie Fisher's departure since the company had planned that the final episode would be his, but the creative differences between him and the studio led to the script being rewritten at least four times and even had the intervention of JJ Abrams

The directors of Han Solo were fired after filming almost the entire movie

One of the most controversial cases was when the company decided to fire the directors of The Great Lego Adventure to hire Ron Howard when he had almost finished filming the Han Solo spin-off. Apparently there was some improvisation on the set that did not please Kathleen Kennedy, but the real question is why they were hired in the first place knowing that their career follows a line that is not close to that of the saga.

We probably never have an accurate answer, but we already know how it ended: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is considered by Lucasfilm as his worst failure, and that Ron Howard came to the rescue to do the impossible in a very short time.

Gareth Edwards replaced for Rogue One reshoots

The Star Wars prequel was another project that was close to being canceled, but this is something that fans probably don't remember. Instead, what they cannot forget is the uproar that was around director Gareth Edwards that was replaced by Tony Gilroy for the movie's reshoots. According to several rumors, Gilroy was hired by Lucasfilm to refine details in the spin-off narrative, but there were also some who suggested that the work was a disaster and that he came to save her, so we can think that the situation was worse than They said, and we'll never know why they didn't think about hiring him before.

Boba Fett and Mos Eisley Spin-offs canceled

The failure of the Han Solo movie made Disney reconsider all the other projects it had underway and many of them were canceled, such as those by Boba Fett and Mos Eisley. In the long run the process was changing and apparently merged to later become the Mandalorian series that will soon reach the Disney + streaming platform. The result may be positive, but we cannot omit these cancellations as another major stumbling block in the handling of the saga by the Mickey mouse house, and the existence of the platform could be a lifeline for future franchise stumbles.

The trilogy of the creators of Game of Thrones canceled

Cancellations, layoffs and more: since Disney took control of Lucasfilm these have been the most mentioned words and that can't really indicate something good. With so much project in mind, it was a matter of time before new trilogies were announced and they did so, only in this case those in charge were David Benioff and D.B. Weiss With Game of Thrones in his filmography, everyone expected an impressive production, but he was surprised to learn that they separated from the project because, supposedly, his schedule had no more space available for a job that demands a lot of time.

Obi-Wan Kenobi's movie became a series

One of the most anticipated spin-offs, and which never fully confirmed, was the one that was going to be starring actor Ewan McGregor, the Obi-Wan of the prequels, with a story that would follow his life after what happened in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. This project generated the interest of the public and its development was quite still, but nothing was confirmed until Expo D23 that was held in August where the Scotsman appeared on a panel to confirm that he will star in a series that will be released by Disney +. In the end we can see the Jedi, but the collateral damage of Han Solo: A Star Wars story and the bad decisions of the company ended one of the fan's dreams, which now must be satisfied with seeing it on the small screen.

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