State Protection: Death threats against son (16) of AfD politician | Regional


Berlin – In Biesdorf (district of Berlin) informed on Friday afternoon, a student of his school board that he should have been threatened by classmates, as the police announced on Saturday.

According to recent findings, the boy (16) has turned to the school management and said that classmates have been threatening him and his family for some time, including via a short message service.

Background of the threats should be the political commitment of the father, as the police further communicated. According to BILD information, this is the Berlin AfD politician Gunnar Lindemann (49).

The teenager is also said to have been threatened with death, as the father said on BILD request. According to this, a classmate delivered an oral message to his son on Friday from the three suspects (15, 16, 18) – "I'm biting you off", it is supposed to have said.

The boy then went straight to the school secretariat. Scandals and verbal abuse would have happened more often. Gunnar Lindemann: "But there has never been such a massive murder threat." And further: "My son is afraid. But he would like to continue to go to this school. "

The school administration alerted the police. The task force named the student the three classmates. Gunnar Lindemann had also been informed by the school and would have taken his son home.

The police state protection at the state criminal police Berlin determines now.

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