Stefano Pioli does not see the signing of Zlatan to AC Milan close


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is revolutionizing the market with its possible exit. The LA Galaxy striker ends his contract in December, so several European clubs want him back in the old continent. One of the teams that sound the strongest to win the services of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is AC Milan.

In recent days, the MLS Commissioner, Don Garber confirmed that Milan is talking to seize the services of ‘Leon Sueco’; so the possibility of returning to the club where he played two seasons is latent in the MLS.

This weekend,Stefano Pioli, DT of AC Milan, spoke at a press conference about the possible arrival of the Swede and commented that the Galaxy striker is a great player, but is not considered as a reinforcement for the winter market; In addition to mentioning that there is much to open the time of transfer, so you would have to evaluate some things. “Ibra is a great player. There will be time to make evaluations. ”

Milan is preparing for one of the most important duels of the season, this Sunday they will visit Juventus Stadium, where they intend to get the three points and with this correct the course to be placed in the first 10 places of the general table.

What's next for Zlatan

The LA Galaxy captain will have to define his future in the coming weeks, whether staying in the MLS for another season or emigrating to the old continent; this so that when opening the winter market negotiations can be made by him or in the case of the franchise of the MLS to look for his replacement.

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