Strong clash between a bus and a truck left several dead in Gualeguaychu


At least four people died and more than ten were injured this Sunday morning when a long-distance bus and a truck on National Route 14 collided in the Entrerriana town of Gualeguaychu, road sources reported.

The incident occurred at about 6.30 on kilometer 20 of the Mesopotamian highway (route 14) when a long-distance bus from the Paraguayan company La Santaniana crashed into a truck at the moment it was about to pass it.

As a result of the impact, four people died instantly and at least about ten people suffered injuries of different considerations, some of which were serious.

The injured were assisted by firefighters from Gualeguaychu and Ceibas, and transferred by ambulance to Centenario and Eva Peron de Gualeguaychu hospital.

Since then, road safety and emergency police personnel continued to work there to rescue the bodies that were trapped between the twisted irons.

The route is enabled since the vehicles involved were left over the parked area.

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