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Long disappointing and even led to the score, Rennes managed to win against Amiens (3-1) this Sunday during the 13th day of Ligue 1. A success acquired thanks to the awakening of Mbaye Niang in the second period.

Stunning Britons! - D

Mbaye Niang scored on a Madjer.

The Bretons have the resource! After a disappointing first half-hour and opening the scoring, Rennes toppled Amiens (3-1) this Sunday the occasion of the 13th day of Ligue 1.

In the second period, the Breton club has logically managed to win thanks to a particular Mbaye Niang found. In the standings, Rennes is temporarily back to 8th place, while Amiens drops to 15th.

Guirassy starts the match, Hunou responds

Expected to turn after the elimination in the Europa League Thursday, the Bretons made a disappointing start as jousculs by aggressive Aminois. With a significant technical hitch from the two formations on a lawn of clown quality, this part struggled to take off with a rhythm also hatched by the faults.

With the exception of Kakuta's well-timed knockout, Mendy did not pass anything during the first half-hour … Then, on a bright spot, Guirassy, ​​well served by a Kakuta heel, surprised Mendy with a long shot from the surface (0-1, 35e). Sufficient to launch this match? Yes ! Because in the crowd, Rennes was finally projected and Hunou, in two stages, took advantage of a scramble to go to close range (1-1, 39th)!

The awakening of Niang!

After the locker room, Mendoza got an interesting situation but stumbled on Mendy after a check rat. On a standard msentente between Mendy and Gnagnon, Kakuta was close to score with his head but Da Silva saved his family in front of his line! In reaction, Niang came into focus, but his strike was well repelled by Gurtner. A few minutes later, the Senegalese did not miss a second opportunity by taking from Madjer a center of Del Castillo (2-1, 62nd). Superb action!

In the crowd, Raphinha was close to bending the match, but his shot ended on the bar Gurtner! Decidedly stirring in the second period, Niang was misery Chedjou and got a penalty after the intervention of the VAR. Taking advantage of a gesture of class Niang, which left him this attempt, Raphinha scored his first goal with the Breton club a left shot (3-1, 79th). A success for Rennes.

The note of the match: 5/10

This match really took its time to take off … During the first 30 minutes of play, the show was really low quality with a small pace and a technical standard on a lawn in a bad state. Fortunately, the opening of the Amiens score has awakened this part. Subsequently, with the reaction of Rennes, this meeting was more alive, without reaching a very high level.

The goals :

– On a balloon given by Aleesami, Kakuta realizes a beautiful heelade to find Guirassy the entrance of the surface. Taking advantage of the laxity of Gnagnon, striker Aminois enchane with a shot, which surprises Mendy (0-1, 35th).

– After a corner, Morel takes the ball from the head but stumbles on Gurtner. In the fall, Hunou first tries his luck, but Mendoza intervenes on his line. But in a second time, the Breton striker manages to propel the leather at the bottom of the nets (1-1, 39th).

– On an action initiated by Raphinha on the right side, Del Castillo found himself served in the area. From a center in the area, the former Lyonnais finds Niang, who slides the ball into the empty cage of a sublime Madjer (2-1, 62nd).

– Launched in the right lane, Traor makes a center in the area for Niang. Faster than Chedjou, the Rennais precedes his opponent and collapses. If the referee does not flinch at first, the VAR intervenes to give a penalty. Taking advantage of a gift from Niang, Raphinha scored his first goal with Rennes from a left-foot shot (3-1, 79th).

NOTES of the players

Maxifoot awarded a rating (out of 10) for each player.

The man of the match: Mbaye Niang (7/10)

A second period that changes everything! However, his match was long disappointing … Back in the axis for this meeting, the Senegalese experienced a first difficult period as maid by Chedjou. Much better after the break, he was dangerous on a first strike pushed by Gurtner, before scoring a beautiful Madjer. Stirring, the striker got a penalty against Chedjou and made a gesture of class leaving this attempt Raphinha. Well done. Replaces the 89th minute with Jordan Siebatcheu (not not).


Edouard Mendy (5): the goalkeeper of Rennes was not in great danger on the whole of the game. Well present on the distant attempts of Kakuta or Otero, he was however totally surprised by Guirassy's shot at the opening of the score. Subsequently, the porter simply had easy interventions despite a big fright on a msentente with Gnagnon.

Hamari Traor (5.5): a match in two stages for the right side of Rennes. A little too lax about the action of opening the score, he delivered a correct copy on the defensive plan. Offensively, despite some interesting moves, he still had a big waste in his transmissions in the first 45 minutes. On the other hand, his second period was much better, with a bigger offensive implication and his presence on the penalty obtained by Niang.

Joris Gnagnon (4): The central defender of Rennes has missed his match this Sunday. Often the limit in his interventions, the image of a nudge gave Guirassy on a duel yet not dangerous, he was much too lax face Amiens center forward on the opening score. He must be closer to his opponent on this type of situation. To note its msentente also with Mendy where it was saved by Da Silva.

Damien Da Silva (6.5): the captain of Rennes made a clean copy this Sunday. Serious and applied, he managed to scratch many balls and was rather solid in the duels despite the physical power of his opponents. Without being incredible, he was reassuring, the image of his rescue on his line in front of Kakuta after the locker room.

Jrmy Morel (6): prfr Maouassa, the former Marseillais made his return this position of the left side. Unsurprisingly, the usual central defender has brought some defensive sturdiness to his corridor. By cons, he was more difficult in his mountains with a fairly average input. It should be noted that he was involved in the galisation with a head pushed by Gurtner on Hunou.

Raphinha (5.5): These last weeks, there was better in the performances of the Brazilian. But this Sunday, the winger of Rennes was not in a big day. Despite everything, he was involved in Niang's goal as the origin of the action and even found the bar after a solo rush. Taking advantage of a gift from Niang, he scored his first goal with the Breton club penalty.

Eduardo Camavinga (6.5): For his 17th birthday this Sunday, the Rennes midfielder delivered a good performance. At the recovery, the Rennais still had a big volume of play and scratched many balloons. On the other hand, despite a sometimes disconcerting ease breaking lines, it has not always been fair in its transmissions with pass rates.

Benjamin Bourigeaud (5): At the start of the game, the former Lensois was very nervous. Quickly warned, he spent his time complaining about the decisions of the referee and never seemed totally in his match. The author of a totally correct defensive work, he has, on the other hand, struggled with the creation of a technical standard. With his volume of play, he still has input.

Adrien Hunou (6.5): Positioning in the left lane this Sunday, the Rennes striker retains a standard genitals. Although he was not found much by his partners, he has always played just by combining with his teammates on several actions. On a head of Morel pushes back by Gurtner, he was rewarded for his efforts by finishing off. Replaces the 89th minute with Jrmy Glin (not not).

Mbaye Niang (7): read the comment above.

Yann Gboho (3,5): titularis, for the first time with the professionals, in support of Niang on this meeting, the young talent of Rennes did not have the height of the confidence of his coach. Dpass in the commitment and a little lost in his position, he had a very small impact in this match and absolutely did not weigh on the actions of his own. Replaces the 60th minute by Romain Del Castillo (not not), who was decisive passer on the goal of Niang of a good center.


Rgis Gurtner (4): little worries about the overall game, the guardian of Amiens can still feed regrets. Indeed, on the Hunou show, he can surely do better on the head of Morel, which seemed possible to capture. Too bad, because the rest of his interventions, he was irreproachable and did not blame himself on the goal of Niang and the penalty kick Raphinha.

Arturo Calabresi (5): a correct match for the right side of Amiens. On the defensive plane, the Italian has been serious for a long time, but was in trouble after the break. On the other hand, in his mountains, despite some pretty technical gestures, he was not very inspired with a limited influence.

Bakaye Dibassy (5.5): with Chedjou, it has formed a solid central core. Aggressive in duels and powerful in his interventions, the Aminois has won many balloons, especially in the Arian area. On the other hand, he must be careful to be more precise in his raises.

Aurlien Chedjou (3): authoritarian in the first period, the former Lille player has never let breathe Niang, the image of a perfect intervention in the area facing the Rennes center-forward. Unfortunately for his team, it was more fun after the break, also ahead by Niang on his goal and conceding a penalty against the Senegalese. Hard because his mistakes lead to his first period …

Haitam Aleesami (5.5): an interesting copy for the left side of Amiens. The Norwegian international has never been in trouble on the defensive with Rennes Rough sharp in his lane. But above all, he has a lot to say in his mounts and was involved in opening the scoring with good service for Kakuta, decisive passer for Guirassy.

Bongani Zungu (5.5): what activity recovery! With an impressive playing volume, the Amiens midfielder has taken advantage of Rennes' important technique to rake a lot of balloons. Although it was less of a construction advantage, overall it was totally correct in this aspect of the game. In the second period, however, it was more difficult in his back. Replaces the 85th minute by Mathieu Bodmer (not not).

Thomas Monconduit (4.5): compared to Zungu, the Amiens midfielder has been much less present, in all sectors of play elsewhere. Author of a totally honorable work on the defensive plan, he was on the other hand more difficult in the construction, with several imprecise passes on certain interesting situations. Like Zungu, he was suffering in his withdrawal after the break. Replaces the 79th minute by Eddy Gnahor (not not).

Ferney Otero (3.5): a disappointment on this meeting. While his team has been able to be very sharp on several actions, the winger has had difficulty to show and has often failed in his rare attempts. We knew him more inspiring. Extremely frustrated without shaking hands with his coach and his partner, he was replaced on the 58th minute by Chadrac Akolo (not not).

Gal Kakuta (6): As always, the Amiens playmaker shines with his technical qualities. Dj author of a heel inspired on a first situation for his team, he was decisive passer, thanks to the same technical gesture, on the opening score Guirassy. Always dangerous approaching the area of ​​truth, he forced Mendy a nice stop on a shot wound and saw his head saved by Da Silva on his line. In the second period, however, it was much less present.

Stiven Mendoza (5): Call for the first time in Colombia team this week, the winger was stirring this Sunday. Like Otero, he had some waste in his attempts, but was able to make shifts! Unfortunately for him, his teammates have sometimes bad bargains balloons. Note that he was close to saving his family on the goal of Hunou, but was taken the second time.

Sehrou Guirassy (6): the center forward of Amiens was a true warrior on this meeting. In the duels, he fought with Rennes' defenders and did not despair. With a beautiful long shot, he perfectly launched his team by opening the scoring. Subsequently, however, it was more discreet in the area of ​​truth, but was a good point of support.

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RENNES 3-1 AMIENS (mid-tps: 1-1) – FRANCE – League 1 / 13th day
Stadium: Roazhon Park – Referee: Benot Bastien

goals : A. Hunou (39th) Mr. Niang (62nd) Raphinha (79th, pen.) For RENNES – S. Guirassy (35th) for AMIENS
warnings : B. Bourigeaud (16th), Y. Gboho (16th), R. Del Castillo (83rd), for RENNES – G. Kakuta (19th), T. Monconduit (45th), E. Gnahor (52nd), A. Calabresi (68th), for AMIENS

RENNES : E. MendyH. Traor, D. Da Silva, J. Gnagnon, J. MorelRaphinha, B. Bourigeaud, E. Camavinga, Mr. Niang (T. Siebatcheu, 90th)A. Hunou (J. Gelin, 90th), Y. Gboho (R. Del Castillo, 61st)

AMIENS : R. GurtnerA. Calabresi, A. Chedjou, B. Dibassy, H. AleesamiT. Monconduit (E. Gnahor, 80th), B. Zungu (Mr. Bodmer, 86th)F. Otero (C. Akolo, 59th), G. Kakuta, S. MendozaS. Guirassy

Guirassy opened the scoring for Amiens (0-1, 35th)

The joy of Hunou after its realization (1-1, 39th)

Niang can celebrate his nice goal on a Madjer (2-1, 62nd)

All Britons have jumped on Raphinha, author of his first goal with Rennessur penalty (3-1, 79th)

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