Super League: YB wins the top fight against FC St.Gallen 4: 3


Double-goal: YB defender Zesiger is successful after corner-kicking. Picture: KEYSTONE

YB wins spectacular top flight – Basel remains on the heels of the Bernese

The Young Boys win the top match of the 14th round against St. Gallen 4: 3 and thus defend the championship lead in front of FC Basel, who wins in Lugano. Zurich beat FC Sion in the third game of the day.

YB – St.Gallen 4: 3

Zig chances and seven goals: The Young Boys and St. Gallen play in the top game of the Super League with an open target. At the end YB defended the 1st place after two defeats thanks to a 4: 3.

Defender Cedric Zesiger, who was previously without a goal for YB, scored twice for the home team. Christian Fassnacht scored the 2-2 after half an hour and Jean-Pierre Nsame struck in the 80th minute with his twelfth league goal. Boris Babic on his 22nd birthday, Cedric Itten and Ermedin Demirovic, were successful for the St. Gallen players, who played much better in the match and played open-goal lead.

St.Gallen also thrilled in Bern, although in the end it had to travel home without points. Picture: KEYSTONE

Perhaps the unleashed guests were doomed to the fact that they missed the early 2: 0 in the dominant initial phase. In the first fifteen minutes alone, Babic had two more hits on his foot – from an acute angle he hit the bottom of the bar, and free-standing from David Ballmoos, who had been replaced in the half-time break due to an adductor problem, he was decisively disturbed by Fabian Lustenberger at the last moment.

"For us, the defeat is of course bitter, we started very well," struggled FCSG striker Cedric Itten. The first time offered for the senior team attackers met once, his YB namesake Zesiger even twice. He spoke of a will achievement: "Defensively, we allowed too much, but we were able to react well and submit twice in the second half."

The highlights of the game. Video: SRF

In the spectacular exchange of blows, the St.Galler went after 19 points from the last seven games for the first time since mid-August in the league again as a loser from the square. The Young Boys, whose Guillaume Hoarau was back in the squad after a two-month injury break, did not defend their position and underlined, especially with their offensive power, that the 0-3 draw with Servette last week was a slip-up.

Lugano – Basel 0: 3

FC Basel are better off converting from the Europa League to the Super League than Lugano. He wins in Ticino, thanks to early goals unsuspected with 3: 0. Three days after the victory against Getafe the Basler did not need a long start-up time. Already in the 13th minute they succeeded in Cornaredo the opening goal, which facilitated much of this afternoon; Kemal Ademi pressed a cross from Valentin Stocker over the line.

After Fabian Frei had increased after a good half hour with his fourth goal within two and a half weeks to 2: 0, the game flattened probably also because the Basel did not force the forward game too much. In this way Lugano was hardly dangerous for a long time. Only in the 83rd minute was the chance for a goal. Gerndt, Lavanchy and Aratore, who missed out on the only chance the Ticino had had in the 7th minute, failed in turn. Instead substitute Arthur Cabral scored in injury time his first league goal for FCB to 3-0 final result.

The ball plays with COmert and Gerndt Versteckis. Picture: KEYSTONE / TI-PRESS

In the duel of the two Europa League participants, the Basler used above all their superiority on the left side. The two first goals scored the guests after attacks on this side, on which on Thursday against Getafe because of the suspension of Stocker and Kevin Bua had still a bottleneck prevailed.

"In the second half was a certain tiredness to notice. If Lugano scores the connecting goal, it can burn again. We are happy, that did not happen, "summarized the satisfied FCB coach Marcel Koller in the" Teleclub "together.

The highlights of the game. Video: SRF

Zurich – Sion 4: 2

The FC Sion found without Stephane Henchoz not out of crisis. He lost to FC Zurich after interim leadership with 2: 4. Marco SchOnbachler was decisive for the FCZ. As interim coach Christian Zermatten stood for the Sioner on the sidelines before in the national team break a successor to Henchoz should be presented. This can be prepared for some work. It was not for nothing that FC Sion, who started so promising this season, only scored one point in the last seven games.

Only in the first half was the FC Sion in the low-intensity led game at the height. Bastien Toma (7th) and Ermir Lenjani (13th) made two quick attacks on the right side profitable and made a 2-1 lead from the early 0-1. After the break, the guests appeared planless and unimaginative.

Acrobatic Lenjani celebrates his hit. Picture: KEYSTONE

The FC Zurich was a concentrated performance with a strong SchOnbachler to turn the game. After Nathan had succeeded in the first half, the 2: 2, provided SchOnbachler with a goal and a provoked penalty for the decisive impetus. The faithful FCZ midfielder had already prepared the 1-0 of Blaz Kramer. "We are finally a team in which everyone fights," said the Slovenian striker. (Ram / SDA)

The highlights of the game. Video: SRF

The table

The telegrams

Young Boys – St.Gallen 4: 3 (2: 2)
28'645 spectators. – SR Schnyder.
Gates: 4. Babic (Hefti) 0: 1. 23. Zesiger (Aebischer) 1: 1. 25. Itten (Demirovic) 1: 2. 30th Barren Night (Garcia) 2: 2. 50. Zesiger (SOrensen) 3: 2. 55. Demirovic (Muheim) 3: 3. 80. Nsame (Moumi Ngamaleu) 4: 3.
Young Boys: From Ballmoos (46th WOlfli); Janko (66th Lotomba), SOrensen, Zesiger, Garcia (82nd Burgy); Fassnacht, Lustenberger, Aebischer, Ngamaleu; Assale, Nsame.
St. Gallen: Stojanovic; Hefti, Stergiou, Letard, Muheim; GOrtler, Quintilla (85th Bakayoko), Ruiz; activities; Babic (70th guillemot), Demirovic.
Remarks: Young Boys without Sulejmani, Lauper, Camara, Sierro, Gaudino (all injured) and Martins (U21). St.Gallen without Nuhu and Luchinger (both injured). 7th slat shot Babic. Warnings: 31. Zesiger (foul). 44. Muheim (foul). 43. Letard (foul). 52. Quintilla (foul). 73. guillemot (swallow). 87. Fassnacht (foul). 92. Stergiou (foul). 93. Aebischer (Foul).

Lugano – Basel 0: 3 (0: 2)
3620 spectators. – SR Tschudi.
Gates: 13. Ademi (Stocker) 0: 1. 32. Free (Petretta) 0: 2. 94. Cabral (free) 0: 3.
Lugano: Baumann; Yao, Maric, Daprela, Lavanchy; Custodio (89th Holender), Vecsei (66th Covilo); Dalmonte (33rd Lovric), Carlinhos, Aratore; Gerndt.
Basel: Omlin; Widmer, COmert, Alderete, Petretta; Xhaka (74th Zuffi), Frei; Zhegrova (90th Pululu), Stocker, Bua; Ademi (70th Cabral).
Remarks: Lugano without Bottani (suspended), Sabbatini, Crnigoj, Da Costa, and Sulmoni (all injured). Basel without Okafor, Van Wolfswinkel, Ramires and Kuzmanovic (all injured). 84. Lattenschuss Aratore. Warnings: 22. COmert (foul). 24. Free (foul). 54. Custodio (unsportsmanlike). 82. Maric (foul).

Zurich – Sion 4: 2 (2: 2)
8564 spectators. – SR Klossner.
Gates: 3. Kramer (SchOnbachler) 1: 0. 7. Toma (Maceiras) 1: 1. 12. Lenjani (Toma) 1: 2. 45. Nathan 2: 2. 49. SchOnbachler (Kramer) 3: 2. 76. Marchesano (foul penalty) 4: 2.
Zurich: crusher; Ruegg, Nathan, Omeragic, Kololli (42 Pa Modou); Janjicic (60th Britto), Domgjoni; Tosin, Marchesano, SchOnbachler; Chandler.
Sion: Mitrjuschkin; Maceiras, Bamert, Ruiz, Abdellaoui (65th Kasami); Aguilar (78th Uldrikis), Toma, Kouassi; Grgic; Luan (48th Itaitinga), Lenjani.
Remarks: Zurich without Sohm (suspended), Mahi, Mirlind Kryeziu, Hekuran Kryeziu and Charabadze (all injured). Sion without Doumbia, Song, Ndoye, Adao, Zock, Khasa, Raphael and Fuckentscher (all injured). 17th lap of Marchesano. Warnings: 44. Lenjani (foul). 61. Kouassi (foul). 82. Omeragic (foul). (SDA)

Record goal scorers of the Super League (as of 22.05.2019)

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