Surely regrets the "bad start" but praises the "mentality" of its players


Sevilla, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Coosur Betis coach Curro Segura lamented on Sunday the "bad start" of his players in the lost match (95-100) against Barcelona, ​​but also noted that "then" showed "the mentality he wanted" to put in "many difficulties" his powerful adversary.

Surely he was "aware that with ambition and wanting to win a game," Coosur Betis was going to have "options to dispute the victory" but "his greatest success – of Barca – since the line of three has uneven the balance", although has "congratulated the players after the work done".

"They are made to win the Euroleague and we, to save us. Losing is normal, but playing this way will win the victories. Burgos will go to win, we have to think about the next game," said the coach from Granada.

He also complained that "there have been five against twenty-one in free throws, the same happened in Malaga", although he did not criticize the arbitration for it, but announced "to continue working to go more to the line, but what is not in your hand … is not, "he said.

Segura said, on the record of matched triples, that "I knew it would be a day in which a lot of three would be thrown" because the defense of Barca makes it "easier to throw away and with good percentages there were chances of winning."

The Andalusian coach stressed the performance of the Nigerian center Obi Enechionyia, whose "match is the reflection of his daily work. He has left a good presentation card", so he feels "satisfied with his effort," he said. EFE

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