Swiss Post is catching up with drone delivery


The La Poste group and, by extension, France are catching up with this delivery service by opening a second line for the mountain areas.

It is the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) which has agreed to allow La Poste to establish this second line.
It will serve to connect the two villages Fontanil-Cornillon and Mont-Saint-Martin. If the distance as the crow flies is only 3 km, it is very different when using the road: each deliveryman travels 20 km, which takes 30 minutes not counting the delivery time.

The drone will not make delivery home but in a warehouse. It is then an employee of town hall who will take care of recovering the parcels and distributing them in the villages.

The drone used by La Poste has a flight capacity over 15 km and can carry a package weighing up to 2 kg. An automatic parachute is provided in case of obstacle or malfunction during the crossing in the mountain. The device has a cruising speed of 30 km / h.

The first line of drone had emerged in the Var and has existed since December 2016. It currently has 190 flights with 95% success, the remaining 5% are due to bad weather conditions.

For the moment, delivery by drone is only for difficult mountain areas of access for the factors and deliverers:

We do not intend to distribute parcels by drone in urban areas. We consider that the drone is useful for delivering hard-to-reach areas in the mountains or in rural areas where driving is long.

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