Switzerland leads hard life to Russia


Switzerland's ice hockey team failed on penalties on Sunday against Russia in their third match of the Deutschland Cup. In Krefeld, Patrick Fisher's selection dropped to 4-3 after an exciting game.

It was in the third period that the Swiss players thought they had forged their success, by clearing their goal late (42nd) and taking a step ahead five minutes later on the power play. But the Russians snatched the equalizer for an extension where they could have won.

Everything was then played on penalties and after a start a bit sluggish, the Russian artificers have found the flaw to outsmart Melvin Nyffeler three times. At the time of making the accounts, at the end of the game, Switzerland did not know yet whether it would finish first or second in this competition. The match Germany – Slovakia in the afternoon is decisive in this respect. / Comm-mne

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