Switzerland wins despite defeat against Russia the Germany Cup


Swiss goal celebrations in Krefeld. Picture: dpa

Switzerland wins despite defeat against Russia the Germany Cup

Despite the 3: 4 defeat after a penalty shoot-out in the final game against Russia, Switzerland have won the German Cup for the third time since 2001 and 2007. After the successes against Slovakia (5: 2) and Germany (4: 3 n.V.) That was enough of a point, as the hosts against Slovakia gave a 2-0 lead from the hand and was defeated in extra time.

Only Pius Suter scored against Russia in the shootout, while three shooters were successful in the East Europeans. In the regular season, the Swiss had turned in the last third of a 1: 2 (29) in a 3-2. Tyler Moy was involved in both goals. In the 2-2 (42nd) was the American-Swiss dual citizens after a counter-attack the Russian goalie Daniil Tarasow wonderfully get off. Before the 3: 2 he served in the powerplay with a cross pass Alessio Bertaggia, who was successful with a direct shot. Moy and Bertaggia had already met Slovakia on Thursday. With three minutes to go, Ivan Iwanov still managed to equalize the Russians, which was ultimately a waste.

Gate premiere of Le Coultre

Although the Swiss started well in the middle section. They equalized in the 22nd minute by Simon Le Coultre to 1: 1. The 20-year-old defender of Geneve-Servette scored his first international goal with a "Buebetrickli".

After that, however, they expressed great difficulty against the increasing Russians. A two-minute double outnumber survived the Swiss – also thanks to luck. A minute later, Maxim Tsyplakow easily made it past Bieler defender Samuel Kreis and Daniil Iljin scored the only goal (2: 1).

The Swiss were lucky in the 34th minute when Vladimir Bryukwin's shot from the left jumped to the far post. As a result, the Eisgenossen continuously played in excess during 5:05 minutes, while 55 seconds even in duplicate, but they brought little to estate. Almost they had even the 1: 3 conceded, but parried Melvin Nyffeler against the attacking Kirill Voronin alone on him.

It was largely thanks to the keeper of Rapperswil-Jona Lakers that the gap was only one goal after 40 minutes. In the first third of the benefits were more likely to be on the side of the Swiss. The only goal scored but the Eastern Europeans – in power play by Bryukwin (19.). (Ram / SDA)

The telegram

Switzerland – Russia 3: 4 (0: 1, 1: 1, 2: 1, 0: 0) n.P.
Krefeld. – 4312 spectators. – SR Kohlmuller / Schutz (GER), Gerth / Jurgens (GER).
Gates: 19. Bryukwin (Toltschinski, Saizew / Bader Exclusion) 0: 1. 22. Le Coultre (Suter, Fuchs) 1: 1. 29. Ilyin (Tsyplakov, Varyayev) 1: 2. 42. Moy 2: 2. 47. Bertaggia (Moy, Egli / exclusion Volkov) 3: 2. 58. Igumnov (Voronkov, Tochinski) 3: 3. – Penalty shooting: Toltschinski -, Moy -; Bryukwin -, Suter 1: 0; Igumnow 1: 1, Egli -; Galimov 1: 2, Simion -; Kodola 1: 3.
Punish: 8 times 2 minutes against Switzerland, 11 times 2 minutes against Russia.
Switzerland: Nyffeler; Karrer, circle; Egli, Paschoud; Rathgeb, Le Coultre; Heldner; Luca Hischier, Muller, Bertaggia; Fazzini, Fox, Suter; Moy, Prassl, Rod; Simion, Bader, Maillard; Hunter.
Russia: Tarrasov; Saizev, Volkov; Yermakov, Kudako; Schemerow, Judin; Provolnew, Voronkov; Toltschinski, Igumnov, Bryukwin; Woronin, Kodola, Grebenschikow; Porjadin, Ivanov, Galimov; Tsyplakov, Ilyin, Varyayev.
Remarks: Switzerland without van Pottelberghe (replacement goalie), Descloux and Glauser (both injured). Post Shots: 27th Judin, 34th Bryukwin, 47th Rathgeb. – Timeouts: Switzerland (32.); Russia (58th). – Shots: Switzerland 39 (8-11-17-2); Russia 37 (9-15-8-5). – Powerplay yield: Switzerland 1/9; Russia 1/5. (SDA)

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