Tens of thousands of people in NRW do not have a valid ID card


Offices warn at first, but then threaten to fines



As of 10.11.2019, 13:36 clock


Dusseldorf (lnw). More than 50,000 people in seven NRW cities currently do not have a valid ID card. This resulted in a survey of the German Press Agency (dpa) in city administrations in the Rhineland, Ruhr and East Westphalia. Identification is mandatory in Germany: Persons over the age of 16 must have a valid identity card or passport. This is stated in clause 1 of the identity card law. Those who do not stick to it must expect fines of up to 600 euros in NRW. In Cologne, just under 750,000 Germans over 16 have a good 11,400 currently no valid ID. That corresponds to a quota of 1.53 percent. In Dusseldorf, the share is slightly higher at 1.84 percent, where 7,703 people do not comply with their statutory ID requirement. In the Ruhr area, the rate is higher than in the Rhineland. In Dortmund, 9,899 of the 425,602 citizens are affected (2.33 percent). In Duisburg, there are no exact figures, the city administration estimates that three to five percent have no valid papers. That would be up to 16,590 people. 8,000 Bielefelders without a valid passport Many people in Bielefeld have also overdrawn the expiry date of their ID cards – the city names 8,000 as a number. This corresponds to a share of 3.31 percent. Munster has the lowest rate of requested cities. There are 1.25 percent (in absolute: 2,985) not in possession of valid papers. The highest percentage is in Minden. Around 3,000 out of 55,138 inhabitants are missing a valid ID. First, the Mindener Tageblatt reported. If an expired card is not renewed, this is considered a misdemeanor. Most of the surveyed municipalities caution negligent citizens without punishment – if there is no reaction, they face fines. These depend on how long the card has expired. In Cologne it is between 10 and 40 euros, in Dortmund 20 to 150 euros, in Munster at least 50 euros, in Dusseldorf at least 100 euros and in Bielefeld between 150 and 250 euros. Leader is Minden with up to 600 euros fine. In Essen and Duisburg invalid identity cards are not punished. The police may impose fines for expired ID cards, said a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry on request. If the identity on the ground can not be established beyond doubt due to a lack of valid papers, the one or the other person can even be taken to the police station as a last resort.

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