Tenth day of death: Joachim LOw visits grave of Robert Enke


The German football Robert Enke commemorates his tenth anniversary of his death. Joachim LOw visited in this context the grave of the deceased goalkeeper.

On the tenth anniversary of the death of Robert Enke, national coach Joachim LOw (59) and Teresa Enke (43) visited the grave of the former national goalkeeper. "In quiet remembrance," wrote the Robert Enke Foundation Twitter to the photo showing LOw and Enke in the cemetery.

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At the grave were also numerous flower wreaths. Enke suffered from depression and took on 10 November 2009, the life, LOw was then already coach of the DFB selection.

Tenth day of death: German football commemorates Robert Enke

The football honored Enke with numerous actions, among other things, should be reminded of the former national goalkeeper on all football fields in the country with a minute of silence (#gedENKEminute). His widow Teresa Enke is involved with the Robert Enke Foundation, among other things for the abatement of the disease depression.

"I think that Robert is proud of me and the work of the Robert-Enke-Foundation, especially in the abatement of this disease, we are significantly further – even if there is still room to the top, of course," said Enke SIDInterview said: "In football, I'm actually a bit further than in society, it is talked about in the teams, there are networks."

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