The 1×1 and the scores of the triumph of the Institute against Santamarina


Without individual levels that will shine, Institute he managed this Saturday to carry out a difficult game against Santamarina de Tandil and win 2 to 0.

The team of Cesar Zabala played a very weak first half, but changed the attitude in the complement and took the match forward, to keep the three points.

The Albirrojo marches sixth in Zone B of the First National, with 16 points in 12 matches.

On the next date, the 13th, he will visit Mendoza Gymnastics, Sunday 17, at 17.


GERMAN SALORT (6). He had to change his image after that mistake with Quilmes and had his arc at zero again. He had a double cover when the game was 2 to 0 that was fundamental.

FRANCO FLORES (6). Like the whole team, he had a weak first half. In the complement it was safer and firmer.

FACUNDO AGUERO (7). His return to the team was vital to give the defense another security. "Paco" remains at a high level after returning from his injury.

ERPEN FACUNDO (6). Good game of the Captain of Glory, who had to deal with Michel and solved it. Something inaccurate with the ball on his feet.

EMILIANO ENDRIZZI (5). "El Chavo" was one of the few who tried in a gray first half. In the second half, he attacked and climbed his sector. Right.

IGNACIO ANTONIO (7). It was the engine of the attitudinal change of the team in the second half. He ran, got in and bit in the midfield. In addition, it resolved well with the ball. High point.

JUAN SILLS (7). Your contribution to this team is vital. It is the balance and the axis. He lifted in the complement and the team felt it. Everyone relies on him.

FACUNDO SILVA (5). In the first half it was a shadow. It always resolved badly. He did not find his place and weighed the "10". In the second half, he showed some brushstrokes of what he can do. In debt.

(Jose Gabriel Hernandez / La Voz)
MATTHEW BAJAMICH (8). Opportunism and scoring ability. Pure efficiency.

MALCOM BRAIDA (7). He always faced and also gave a hand in defensive recoil. Good game of "Kako."

FRANCISCO APAOLAZA (6). No game came in the first half. In the second half, he sacrificed for the team. He put the goal pass from 2 to 0. He fulfilled.

CARRIZO, GARRO Y PINO (-). They gave the team air at the end. They entered to help support the result and fulfilled their function.

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