The 1×1 of Espanyol against Atletico in Wanda Metropolitano


Espanyol needed a victory to avoid sinking in the standings after the victory of Mallorca. For a moment it seemed that they could have him close but Atletico ended up beating those of Pablo Machin bluntly.

Diego Lopez, 5: Hurry

From the beginning of the game he had to be quick to the court and in the exits. In the end two athletic blows left him dislocated.

Naldo, 5: Fleeting

He was injured when he had barely been able to participate in the game.

Bernardo Espinosa, 5: Sober

He did not stand out for imposing his hierarchy to neutralize the rojiblanco attack but it was not clearly overcome either.

David Lopez, 5: Exceeded

He did not have a simple game. He had to change sides and Atletico was very aggressive in attack. Morata beat him too easily in the melee on the second goal. They annulled a goal that should have gone up to the scoreboard.

Victor Gomez, 5: Neutralized

At the beginning of the game he came to surprise but the rivals soon caught his license plate and prevented him from continuing to hurt. He focused on defensive work and then played on the left. The third arrives after his mistake in the exit of the ball. Unfair punishment

Victor Sanchez, 7: Constant

Sometimes he runs too much, and not always with judgment. He did not have his best game with the ball but thanks to that pressure and some anarchy came the first goal after a steal and driving near the rival area.

Marc Roca, 4: Uncoupled

He does not find himself or his companions find him. He is a basic player for the operation of the team but who fails to give the team that extra point.

Javi Lopez, 5: Bureaucratic

He played and contributed the only thing he could in a complicated game like this Sunday. Neutral in attack, neutral in defense. Without more, like the bureaucracy.

Wu Lei, 7: Brave

Only through his impudence did Espanyol find alternatives in attack. Machin begins to count on him and seems to be joining the system, but it is not just decisive.

Darder, 7: Convinced

Every time he does it more, when the ball hits the front he shoots, showing off one of his greatest virtues. This time it was a goal and helped the team to believe. He put a center to David Lopez who finished off goal. They canceled it and it should have been valid.

Ferreyra, 5: Castaway

Very only above. He collapsed in pressure and trying to look for accomplices above, but without much fortune.

Didac, 5: Resource

He entered for Naldo's injury. He did it again as a side, a position in which Machin likes. In Europe he played as a lane. One of the resources of the template.

Campuzano, 5: Voluntarious

Will was not lacking, but could not contribute anything different to the stuck attack of Espanyol.

Melendo, 5: Unnoticed

With an athletic well placed and upside down his entrance did not influence.

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