The 200 Kilometers of Buenos Aires: a weekend of emotions before a crowd


The long lines reached General Paz Avenue to enter the Oscar and Juan Galvez Autodrome, just minutes from the 200 Kilometers of Buenos Aires. Inside, the stands were full and a crowd was walking along the pit street, shortly before the cars hit the track. It was a postcard of what happened on a sunny Sunday and in full racing, by the Super TC2000.

Not only for "Pierre" was the offer. The family enjoyed a different weekend. Apart from the expectation of the classic competition of the most technological category in the region, the accompaniment of the companies proposes actions that are enjoyed by all the members of the family.

The youngest could feel motorcycle drivers in a space reserved for the little ones, with instructors who, in a didactic way, showed the activity through vehicles of small size. Opposite there was a coffee space to drink something outdoors, among the green of the property's lawn and under a gentle sun.

In other spaces, the simulators took their eyes and waiting for the anxious, who felt pilots with the structures that offered not only triple screens, but also virtual reality to experience the sensations that a Super TC2000 car holds in the same circuit N ° 9 of the Buenos Aires Autodrome.

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Each automotive brand also exhibited its space. Toyota stayed at the racetrack, since on Monday it will have its activity with the luxury guest, the former Spanish Formula 1 Fernando Alonso, who will turn aboard a Super TC2000 Corolla.

Renault received its guests and showed its latest release: Captur Bose, the French brand truck with a high-fidelity audio equipment. And Chevrolet, at the other end of the pit terrace, also developed its reception.

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On Saturday night, the category celebrated 40 years, between the old and beloved Tourism Competition 2000 and the current Super TC2000. Figures of yesterday, champions and all those who made great discipline shared a party for others emotional.

And in the pits, many of the former champions were prey to self-hunters: Juan Maria Traverso, Ernesto Bessone, Daniel Cingolani, Henry Martin, Ruben Daray, Jorge Omar del Rio and many others.

In the previous one, there was also time for exhibitions. Cars from other eras of the category, such as the Ford Escort champion of Ponce de Leon, the Chevrolet champion of Canapino, a Peugeot 307 and a Renault 18 shared the track with the future, as it turned for the first time publicly the brand new car that the Super TC2000 will use from next year, with greater aerodynamic load and a much more aggressive appearance than the current one.

The new car was presented on Saturday night in the pit terrace, and on Sunday it had its own box for the exhibition, prior to its departure to the track before the public.

A colorful, familiar weekend for the crowd that filled the Buenos Aires autodrome, in the hands of the classic Super TC2000: the 200 Kilometers of Buenos Aires.

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