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Saint-Etienne overturns Nantes in a crazy match, Montpellier finally wins, Bouanga, Delort and Trauco inspired, Blas in form, the end of the ordeal for Laborde, the promise Honorat … Discover the highlights of the matches Nantes-Saint-Etienne and Montpellier-Toulouse this Sunday in Ligue 1.

9 news

Denis Bouanga was brilliant with AS Saint-Etienne.

The results in Ligue 1 (click on the score to read the news or article about the match): FC Nantes 2-3 AS St. Etienne, Montpellier 3-0 Toulouse.

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1. Saint-Etienne overthrows Nantes in a crazy match! What a pleasure to see such a meeting in Ligue 1! Intensity, pace, two player teams, opportunities, goals and an exciting storyline! Yet led to score twice after goals from Blas (14th) and Louza (26th), AS Saint-Etienne overturned Nantes (3-2) thanks to an achievement by Trauco (22nd) and a brace from Bouanga (34th, 67th). Over the entire game, the Canaries can still feed regrets, with a header on the bar of Pallois and several decisive stops Ruffier. In the standings, ASSE climbed to 3rd place while the FCN dropped to 8th place.

2. Montpellier revives with the victory. After a series of three games without a win in Ligue 1, Montpellier reacted by winning against Toulouse (3-0). More effective in the zone of truth, the Heraultais managed to make the difference thanks to Laborde (43rd), Tallec (59th) then Savanier (74th). A deserved success for the MHSC, which goes back to the 5th place of the ranking.

3. Bouanga, it works hard! Arriving this summer from Nîmes, Bouanga is a good pick for AS Saint-Etienne. In difficulty at the beginning of the season, the winger, in a more offensive position against Nantes, gave himself a double to become the top scorer of the Greens on this exercise (5 achievements). With four goals in the last four games of L1, the former Lorientais is effective!

4. Delort, what an inspiration! Defenders of Toulouse suffered a nightmare against Delort! In a very good day, the center-forward of Montpellier has chained the pretty gestures, like his subtle stung on a goal canceled by the VAR. On fire, he was decisive passer on the goal of Laborde, with a dribble thanks to a heel just exceptional. Awesome ! Note that he was decisive passer also on the realization of Savanier.

5. Trauco, what a return! Absent for three weeks due to a muscle injury, the left piston of AS Saint-Etienne has made a remarkable comeback against Nantes. Author of his first goal with the Greens of the head on a center of Honorat, the Peruvian international also issued a decisive pass on the realization of Bouanga's head of a millimeter center. Excellent.

6. Blas in great shape. Recruited this summer from Guingamp, the midfielder has signed his best match under the colors of FC Nantes despite the defeat against AS Saint-Etienne. Involved in all the good moves of his team, he scored early in the game on a shot, before delivering a decisive pass for Louza. Founder on a personal level.

7. The end of the ordeal for Laborde … Since May 10, 2019, the center forward of Montpellier had not found the net in Ligue 1! In lack of success since the beginning of the season despite an indisputable status holder, the former Bordeaux has taken advantage of a Delort caviar to finally score against Toulouse. A real relief for him.

8. Honorat, it's promising. For his first tenure (and even appearance) under the colors of AS Saint-Etienne, the former Clermontois made a promising start in front of Nantes. Yet aligned in an unusual role of straight piston, he was tremendously generous in his defensive turnouts and was the decisive smuggler, a nice center, on the goal of Trauco. To be watched in the future.

9. Kolodziejczak passes through … Facing Nantes, the defense of AS Saint-Etienne did not breathe a great serenity. The fault especially to a particularly bad Kolodziejczak! In great suffering, the former Nice was guilty of a big mistake, losing the ball in his own camp, on the goal of Louza. And even later, the Saint-Etienne was very feverish by missing several interventions … Fortunately for him, his team still won.

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