the action of the semifinals (G2 vs SKT)


The semi-finals have now passed, and the clash at the top between Europe and China in the final is fast approaching. The action selected today is crucial: it takes place during the fourth part seeing the opposition G2 and the SKT. The G2 then lead 2-1, but are manhandled. If the SKTs win, they are offered a fifth game of gala to try to score a fifth time in the final of the World Championship. On the contrary, the G2 led until then the dance in BO5, and can qualify right now if they win this part.

On the side of the SKT, a composition rather lategame, having as hand carrys Vladimir, Qiyana and Varus. In addition there is a support serving as frontlane and control: Nautilus. Finally, it is an Elise who was chosen in the jungle, jungler rather early but able to inflict heavy damage in the rest of the game, including its orientation Electrocution.

So we have on this side a composition with a lot of controls, devastating teamfight but generally preferring open spaces to take advantage of the ability to delay a Vladimir, as well as to position his Varus backlane.
On the side of the G2, an atypical composition as they know how to do it: two hands carrys, Syndra and Yasuo, with control over the rest of the posts: Ornn top and Gragas support for Mikyx, party on an aftermath, and Olaf in the jungle for Jankos with Conqueror, oriented on aggression. The teamfights are extremely strong on the G2 side, where we prefer to position ourselves in tight places to enjoy the ultimate Ornn. It's a more complex set-up on the European side, but it can be much more powerful than the more traditional SKT mix.

The fight then takes place at the exit of the G2 base: the SKT have previously taken a good teamfight, and seize the midlane inhibitor. First mistake, while the G2 waste the ultimate and SKT seems to be able to leave, the Koreans decide to return to the enemy base. Hesitating between rotation and engagement, being then in numerical superiority, they seal their fate.

The G2 make the decision to pursue their opponents in 4 against 5, knowing that the return of Perkz on his Yasuo in 1/6 is imminent. Caps misses his stun with his Syndra, but force the recall of Clid on his Elise, surely in a moment of panic, which will allow the G2 to have virtually a 4 against 4, the Elise taken away quickly disappearing from the fight thereafter.
On the other side, Mikyx is very cautious and surely saves his team: rather than staying with the others, he gets out of the base by one of the secondary doors, and takes the vision on the bush closest to the entrance of the base, where Faker was preparing to go kill the G2. The latter is forced to retreat with his allies, who plunge into the jungle where the terrain is favorable to Europeans.
The fight then splits in two: Syndra and Olaf find themselves on the midlane to face Vladimir, while the remaining 2 are facing Faker, Clid, Teddy and Mata. The latter misses his hook, while Mikyx interrupts Faker in the traveling time of his dash, preventing him from inflicting damage. So, while Mikyx and Wunder should have disappeared extremely quickly, they still have their whole life.

The ultimate Gragas lets you get rid of Nautilus, which changes focus and leaves on the midlane. At the same time, Wunder completes Elise and takes on Teddy. The latter can not inflict damage either, because it undergoes the fatigue used by Wunder thanks to its main rune, the Unbridled Grimoire. Moreover, he will not be able to receive help from his allies, finding himself very far away.

Mikyx, Caps and Wunder are very low in life, but all this time gained without any G2 falls allows Perkz to come back, and start a real dance macabre: Mikyx, although low alive, manages to touch a Faker body slam, who was trying to save Teddy, at his maximum range. Perkz instantly uses his ultimate ability, and completes it. Jankos does it in extremis, allowing Caps to get out of it alive. Wunder forces Teddy's stopwatch before death, again earning time for Perkz's arrival. The G2 have until then played with death, a winning bet.

A point on the situation. The SKT are in 3 against 2, Mata and Teddy being very low alive, while Perkz is completely full life and can finish his opponents. They compete next to the corbins, where Mikyx will come to grips by the midlane the remaining Koreans. The last threatening element of the SKT is then Vladimir, but another important aspect of the communication and the level of play of G2 is to note: by the survival of Jankos and Caps, they prevented the Vladimir from coming to the rescue of his allies to time. Nautilus and Varus will fall almost at the time of his arrival, and the G2 will be in 3 against 1 to complete Vladimir.
Little anecdote but proving the level of the players: rather than following Vladimir in his pool, Perkz decides to use his Q Spell on the corbins next door, in order to load his tornado and finish Khan.

But what about Caps? After coming out of midlane, he instantly used his teleportation in the SKT base, taking the last buildings before being joined by his allies to win.

This action reveals the cohesion, communication but also the level of play prevailing among the G2: in 4 against 5, they win a fight with a hand of master against one of the best teams in the world. Despite expensive SKT errors, it is above all the quality of the G2 game that is to denote: where a team lambda would certainly not take this fight, the G2 threw themselves into the battle without doubting a single moment . Finally, the Teleportation of Caps is really a sign of confidence: while he could have stayed to ensure the fight, he decides to let his allies fend for themselves, a choice that is then largely paid.

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